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June 20, 2013

Khaled Al Qubaisi (Photo courtesy of his Facebook page)
07:53 GMT

Going around the track with professional racer Khaled Al Qubaisi as he gears up for a grueling weekend at the ‘24 Hours of Le Mans’ race.

"Arabian Knightz" is one of the rappin' Revolutionist bands (Photo courtesy of the band's Facebook page)
05:00 GMT

With all kinds of emotions about their country's political problems, many Egyptians are turning to music to sing, rap, and dance their Revolutionary cares away.

June 19, 2013

If Hamdi moved to Egypt from Libya for an easier life, it has not panned out that way as of late.
12:31 GMT

Another day, another story of an Arab celeb claiming innocence to fraud charges. This time Libyan singer Hamid Al Shaeri tries to clear his name.

US actress Angelina Jolie speaks with Syrian refugees in a Jordanian military camp based the the Jordan-Syria border on Tuesday. (AFP)
10:47 GMT

Angelina Jolie will be meeting with Syrian refugees in the north of Jordan as part of a UNHCR sponsored visit.

She's a legend, that Fairouz!
10:09 GMT

The condition of Fairouz's childhood home is one of the reasons the project to turn it into a museum is taking years!

Muna Zaki the drama queen
09:43 GMT

Muna Zaki wants to play the tough girl and perform her own dangerous stunts in her new Ramadan drama "Asia". Her demanding request has costs the production company a fortune on an insurance policy.

Rami Sabri has a new album...soon? (photo from a fan Facebook page)
09:10 GMT

After many delays and much criticism for it, Egyptian songster Rami Sabri's new promised album release date is today! Will it come true?

Tango is a dance of passion.
08:05 GMT

Photo display in Cairo's happenin' Sufi Bookstore takes us into the Tango-ed world of passion and romance.

Babel, english company filming about tourism in arab countries. Iraq, 1961, Ani, Latif el - Professional photographer, Ani, Latif el Collection, Copyright © Arab Image Foundation (Photo from the event's Facebook page)
06:19 GMT

One of our very own Egyptian directors Yousry Nasrallah will premiere his 'After the Battle,' which depicts aftermath of infamous 2011 camel battle, at the festival's opening night.

June 18, 2013

Barbra Streisand receives honorary doctorate from Hebrew University
12:00 GMT

After receiving an honorary doctorate at Hebrew University, legendary singer/ actress Barbra Streisand urged for more gender equality in Israel but praised the University's endeavors for harmony between Arab and Jewish students.

Whoever said the life of an actress is easy has not followed May Sakkaf's story.
11:49 GMT

Syrian actress May Sakkaf has fled Syria and escaped to Lebanon after being called a terrorist by Assad's regime.

Farah Youssef has hottie Samo Zaen on her side!
09:12 GMT

Never fear, Farah, your fellow Syrian hottie singer Samo Zaen has got your back, even if he is busy workin' on his new album!

Ghada Abdel Raziq has a new look and psychological problems in 'A Life's Story'
09:02 GMT

Ghada Abdel Raziq has a new show coming to town this Ramadan with a character that's got some cray-cray problems in 'A Life's Story'.

Photo from the event's Facebook page
08:03 GMT

Some of the region's top artists have taken their projects on the road to exhibit in the second edition of London's Shubbak festival, to be held from 22 June to 6 July.

Faten Hamama looks back at career (Photo from her Facebook page)
06:22 GMT

Acclaimed Egyptian film actress Faten Hamama shares stories of her roller coaster path to stardom, says one time she even forgot her son was sick during the entire day's shoot.