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September 8, 2013

The show will go one for Huriyah Farghali! (Image: Facebook)
11:23 GMT

While some think a filming hiatus in order per the political climate in Egypt, Huriyah Farghali believes her decision to resume her acting career is a necessary move to return normalcy to the unstable country.

Ali Al Hajar sings song against Islam (Image: Facebook)
11:06 GMT

Some say Ali Al Hajar's latest song “We Are One People and You Are Another” is inciting hatred in politically polarised Egypt.

Khaled Selim is Ahmed Al Sakka's biggest fan! (Image: Facebook)
10:54 GMT

Turns out Egyptian actor Khaled Selim is a huge fan of actor Ahmed Al Sakka. Well, according to his Instagram account, at least!

Najwa Karam still grieving her father's illness. (Image: Facebook)
09:58 GMT

Daddy's girl Najwa Karam has cancelled all her work projects and spent every free minute in her time by her dad's hospital bed.

Hiba Jamal faces Islamic head veil drama this week. (Image: Facebook)
09:40 GMT

Saudi journalist Hiba Jamal is facing harsh criticism after removing her Islamic head veil this week.

Donia Samir Ghanem keeps it casual in jeans for her album cover (Image: Facebook)
08:32 GMT

While most songstresses sass it up in a sultry evening gown for their album covers, Egyptian actress Donia Samir Ghanem has gone a different direction for her debut into the music world.

Tamer Hosny and Basma are still happily married. (Image: Facebook)
08:20 GMT

Has Tamer really split up with wife Basma? Sorry to disappoint you ladies; but he's still in love!

Hani Ramzi feeling victorious this week after winning lawsuit against Islamist TV channel. (Image: Facebook)
08:05 GMT

Justice was served this week when comedian actor Hani Ramzi shut down an Islamist TV station!

Creamfields concert was cancelled after all (Image: Facebook)
08:04 GMT

There's much to worry about for those living in Lebanon right now, but the Creamfields concert was set to be a ray of sunshine and hope in the midst of fear of violence. When the festival was cancelled last minute, it took with it a glimmer of hope for peace.

Madonna makes another bold statement.
05:00 GMT

Super celeb Madonna's Instagram post, "US stay out of Syria!" brings up thousands of likes and heated discussions on the potential U.S. strike against Syria.

September 7, 2013

Tom Jones will be performing at the Inter- Continental Doha beach this month. (Image: Facebook)
06:00 GMT

If Tom Jones is your idol and you're living in Doha, then you're in luck! The international star will be performing at the Inter- Continental Doha beach on September 17.

The official posters for the films "Omar" and "Palestine Stereo." (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Two brilliant Arab films will be screening at the Toronto International Film Festival this month.

September 6, 2013

Haifa Wehbe picks and chooses which topics to discuss in interviews. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

We're used to finding everything out about celebs and what they'e up to, but Haifa Wehbe is keeping her latest cinema project close to her heart.

September 5, 2013

Fareeda Ali
12:57 GMT

She's no Mohammad Assaf, but she's got her own mission to preserve the ancient art of Arabic Maqam from extinction, and we think her Bahrain Summer Festival performance tonight will be enjoyable as well.

Fadel Shaker continues to shake things up (Image: Facebook)
09:44 GMT

After Fadel Shaker’s shocking retirement from the music biz not long ago, social media maniacs have non-stop rumors flying around. The former songster’s son stepped up to clear things up.