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August 29, 2013

Assi Helani will be the lucky guest of honor at the Miss Lebanon beauty pageant. (Image: Facebook)
08:41 GMT

Singer Assi Helani will be surrounded by beautiful ladies as the lucky guest of honor at the Miss Lebanon 2013 beauty pageant.

Muna Zaki is super mad about the fabricated nude pictures of her circulating the internet. (Image: Facebook)
08:16 GMT

Photoshop was created for good use, but some people with sick fantasies and plenty of time on their hands have created nude pictures of actress Muna Zaki on the internet.

Maya Diab stands up to co-patriot songstress Elissa. (Image: Facebook)
08:05 GMT

Maya Diab is no holds barred when it comes to most things. This time she’s not staying tight lipped about Elissa’s controversial comments on stage.

Talented Kuwaiti actress Mariam Al-Saleh is battling cancer. (courtesy of ashghan)
07:18 GMT

The sad news of Kuwaiti actress Mariam Al-Saleh being diagnosed with cancer hit Kuwaiti actors and actresses on Twitter yesterday.

Samaana is a competition aimed at promoting instrumental music through discovering talented new composers to introduce to the public. (Shutterstock/Silver John)
05:00 GMT

A new composing competition is now open to all Arabs in Egypt. Samaana aims to discover the Middle East's most talented composers.

August 28, 2013

Maya Diab is in heaven, taking a vacay with her husband 'cause apparently she's still married! (Image: Facebook)
10:59 GMT

Maya Diab claims she's still a lawful wedded wife, and she's got the romantic vacation to prove it!

British band Ferocious Dog will be heading to Bahrain for their debut gig this month. (Image: Facebook)
10:47 GMT

The Gulf is increasing in popularity with its music gigs, and British folk band Ferocious Dog seem to be fans of the region. They're heading to Bahrain for a gig at the end of this month!

Al Warsha theatre troupe will be recounting tales of the revolution in Jordan in September 2013. (Image: Facebook)
10:26 GMT

Egyptian theatre troupe El Warsha are heading to Jordan this September to give us a taste of their work at the Hakaya theatre festival.

The Gypsy Queens brought their 'tude and their tunes to town in Beirut. (Image: Facebook)
10:24 GMT

Crooning out "Fly Me to the Moon" in totes a public place, The Gypsy Queens' share how their high hopes have led them to our neck of the woods.

Myriam posing with her two favorite things: Guns and donkey "Fairuz." (Image: Fairuz)
10:09 GMT

Myriam Klink can't handle not being in the spotlight; but has she gone a bit too far by naming her donkey after the Arab world's most-beloved star "Fairuz?"

Kazem El Saher put his coat on for a hot performance in Lebanon. (Image: Facebook)
09:18 GMT

It was a cold night in Ehden, but superstar Kazem El Saher put on his coat for a hot performance in Lebanon.

Actor Abed Fahed will be starring in an Arab-Egyptian film production. (Image: Facebook)
08:43 GMT

Syrian actor Abed Fahed was busy meeting up with Egyptian film producers in Beirut and sealing the deal for a new film role!

Drama queen, but not a drama star. Haifa Wehbe's too high maintenance for new TV show. (image: Facebook)
08:38 GMT

No hope for Haifa starring in a new drama now after sources say that her high budget demands are just plain unrealistic.

Amr Diab is busy filming music clips and not worrying about his leaked album. (Image: Facebook)
07:58 GMT

Superstar Amr Diab has been busy filming his music videos in Greece this month; not bothered by the leaking of his album or you know, the naked-women-at-his-concert-scandal!

Cairo Liberation Front
05:00 GMT

Joost Heijthuijsen, a 35 year-old Dutch music producer founded a three man DJ set dubbed Cairo Liberation Front dedicated to playing Egypt-born mahragant music across Europe.