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March 17, 2013

May Salim
09:34 GMT

The saucy Jordanian singer-turned-actress gets her head down for new hard-hitting role.

Muna Zaki tries on the 'gypsy' look for size.
09:21 GMT

The sultry Egyptian star is getting a whole new wardrobe in honor of her part as a nightclub dancer in new TV drama.

George Wassouf
09:07 GMT

The unashamedly pro-Assad Syrian star says he is finally on the mend and making a trip to his house in Beirut to visit his wife and kids.

08:18 GMT

The so-called 'King of Egyptian Romance', reveals that long-time friend and co-star, Yousra, was the woman of his dreams.

Fawzia Salama in happier times.
07:46 GMT

Presenter of hard-hitting talk show 'Kalam Nawa'im' (Sweet Talk) will make the revelation live on air.

Carole has been rapidly gaining fans with her role on X Factor.
07:33 GMT

After causing a stir on the judging panel, the sultry Lebanese songstress puts out a new album.

Fayez al Saeed is as pleased as punch with the outcome.
07:23 GMT

Off the back of his success on-screen, the UAE songster's new album is making waves in the music biz.

Muna Zaki tells Sheikh Abu Islam - talk to the hand!
07:10 GMT

The sexy Egyptian actress comes under fire from radical preacher, Abu Islam.

Kanye West has urged Kim Kardashian to slow down following a recent health scare.
05:40 GMT

Kanye West has urged Kim Kardashian to slow down following a recent health scare.

March 16, 2013

Nawal al Zoghbi and Wael cosy up on the couch.
11:41 GMT

At the third stage of the contest, the judging panel have their hopefuls at their homes with special guest appearances from the biggest names in the region.

Saed Ramadan is singing for his mom.
08:00 GMT

Mothers' Day in the Middle East brings out all the most heartfelt tracks as Arab songsters dedicate themselves to the woman who brought them into this world.

Noel Gallagher
06:00 GMT

The Britrock frontman shares about his former band mates and his Middle Eastern welcome.

Quasi-Corporeal, 2012, by Hayv Kahraman (Gulf News).
05:00 GMT

Sponsored by Cartier and boasting 75 galleries from 30 different countries, the fair will be going for gold.

March 15, 2013

Ghada Abdel Razek is not camera shy in pink
14:03 GMT

Rumors that have been choking up the Arab rumor mill about Ghada Abdel Razek's taboo marriage to a younger man have finally been confirmed. The record is put straight on the real age gap that has got Arab chins wagging and tongues flapping.

Hassan al Shafei's wedding was a glamorous affair.
07:00 GMT

Everyone from Nancy Ajram to Amr Diab turned up for the star-studded event.