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July 23, 2013

Wissam al Mana and Janet Jackson attending the Giorgio Armani fashion show during Milan Fashion Week (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)
11:52 GMT

In a situation that has shocked the world, a Norwegian woman was raped and then taken into custody herself after reporting the incident. She is now free, but Janet Jackson's hubby is under fire. Read more to find out why.

Basma wasn't too good at hiding her pregnancy. (Image: Facebook)
11:35 GMT

Celebs work so hard on perfecting their TV roles,. But actress Basma forgot about one small detail in her new show: her baby bump!

Rihanna is surely still come to Abu Dhabi, right?!
10:40 GMT

After two men pretended to represent Rihanna and other superstars to organize fake international concerts, it would certainly be a sad day if the songstress' concert in Abu Dhabi this fall were a scam too!

Ahlam advertises her return to Al Hayat on tonight's "Me and Honey" show to her Instagram page.
09:56 GMT

Let’s hope Ahlam doesn’t get stuck in honey when she guest stars on “Ana Wal Asal” (Me and the Honey) with show host Nishan tonight on Al Hayat!

Nancy Ajram gets some healthy time in the sunshine! (Image: Facebook)
08:10 GMT

Whether it is singing or health tips, Nancy Ajram knows about it all. She's starting a new campaign to encourage us women to get a lil' more out in the sunshine!

Sulaf is saying nothing about gossip and politics! (Image: Facebook)
07:47 GMT

When you’re a celeb in the Arab world, you get used to rumors running rampant. Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherji has learned how to let them roll off her back.

Screenshot from Omar's film (Image: Mosaic Rooms site)
06:34 GMT

Make way for Egyptian film, baby. Omar Robert Hamilton's award-winning 'Though I Know the River is Dry' and 5 Mosireen documentaries will be at Mosaic Rooms in London this Thursday.

July 22, 2013

Amal Hijazi makes bold claims on OTV.
11:21 GMT

Amal Hijazi believes that Arab celebs are in need of a Psychologist! Where's she going with this?

The iconic Warda Al-Jazairia receives a Google Doodle. (Image: Google)
10:04 GMT

Warda Al-Jazairia is one of the Arab world's few icons. She has sadly passed away last year, but Google has doodled a young Warda in honor of her 73rd birthday today.

Rania Youssef is more than worn out!
09:33 GMT

It may not be funny but it’s certainly ironic that Rania Youssef is suffering complete exhaustion after commuting to film sets all around Egypt that include the words ‘Flames’ and ‘Heat Wave’ in the titles.

Mai Salim is not one to be messed with.
09:25 GMT

Yes, she’s an actress, but does she have to be a drama queen too? Jordanian singer Mai Selim unloads on her feelings about her divorce.

Layla Elwi was in a lot of pain, but determined to say no to a doctor.
08:59 GMT

When we tell actors to ‘break a leg’ when performing, we don’t mean it literally, but actress Layla Elwi nearly had such an incident on the set of ‘Farah Layla’.

Mashrou Leila rockin' at Jordan's Dum Tak Festival earlier this year (Image: Salem Husseini)
08:02 GMT

There is a new trend in the indie music scene of gaining crowd funding. Even Lebanese indie band Mashrou' Leils jumps on the bandwagon. But the topic is more than a little controversial.

Once known for her beautiful hair, now Suhair Ramzi covers it up. (Image: Facebook)
07:37 GMT

She was once known for looking glamorous with her beautiful locks, but now Suhair Ramzi keeps them hidden under a headscarf!

Khalid Selim and his beautiful wife. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and actor Khaled Selim certainly thinks that he wife gets the title for Most Beautiful Woman Alive!