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March 13, 2013

Seal, the guy behind massive hits including ‘Killer’ and ‘Kiss From a Rose’, will perform at the after-race concert at the Dubai World Cup on March 30.
05:27 GMT

Everything you need to know about international superstar, Seal, ahead of this month's Dubai World Cup.

March 12, 2013

May Salim will be starring in a new Egyptian comedy drama this Ramadan
14:37 GMT

The Jordanian will play Mustafa Shabaan's wife in a new social comedy drama.

Dios Mio! Basel Khayat has fans seeing him as the next Arab Don Juan.
14:13 GMT

Heartthrob Syrian actors Basel Khayat and Qusai Khouly are in the running for the esteemed title of 'The Arab Don Juan'.

Idol fans couldn't be happier to hear Nancy give wannabe stars a 'yes and a half'.
12:48 GMT

Fans of Lebanese hottie, Nancy Ajram, are over the moon that the return of Arab Idol has also marked the return of the songstress' hit tune 'Ah Wi Nus' (Yes and a Half).

Bow Wow
12:22 GMT

The U.S. rapper, who has already cancelled twice on his Arab fans, is finally set for the glitzy emirate.

Fresh from X Factor Arabia success, Lebanese singer Carole Samaha is preparing to release her latest album.
12:22 GMT

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha is preparing to release her latest album, to the delight of fans.

Abu Dhabi International Environment Film Festival.
07:48 GMT

The glitzy emirate takes on a different hue in honor of the International Environment Film Festival.

Bassem Youssef is one of Egypt's most popular comedians.
07:39 GMT

The new talent show is looking for the funniest comedians in the Arab world.

Bands rock out with Makshoof Music.
06:51 GMT

Makshoof Music is offering the chance for upcoming indie bands to make their mark on the emirates and the world!

Irish musician Bob Geldof attends the opening of the Maurice Lacroix Boutique on Friedrichstraße in Berlin, in February. (Photo: EPA/PAUL ZINKEN)
06:16 GMT

In what has become an annual tradition, Sir Bob Geldof is returning to Dubai's Irish Village as part of their St Patrick's Day celebrations.

March 11, 2013

Audiences will be watching to see if Nancy and Ahlam can play nice together on Arab Idol Season 2. (image courtesy of Listen Arabic)
17:18 GMT

With new talent and bombshell Judge Nancy Ajram, it seems that this season of Arab Idol will be, in one word, "epic".

Carmen Suleiman. Image courtesy of Waleg
16:23 GMT

She may be so last season, but Arab Idol super-star Carmen Suleiman is still going strong and gliding on the music waves of her fame and glory. Her new single called 'Word, Word' is out.

Khalid Taja (RIP)
15:38 GMT

Another story from Syria emerging about possible torture to a famous, now deceased, actor.

Lilia Atrash
09:51 GMT

The Syrian starlet is preparing for a new dramatic part but won't reveal exactly what it is.

Dancers during "Ritual Regression" (Daily News Egypt/Thoraia Abou Bakr)
09:33 GMT

The future of contemporary dance showcases their stuff with a performance in the Egyptian capital.