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July 21, 2013

Egyptian beauty Sherihan to star in new TV drama. (Image: Facebook)
09:09 GMT

Has the Queen of Arab TV dramas Sherihan taken up the religious route and covered up her famous locks?

Hani Ramzi dishes all the deets on his off stage drama.
08:47 GMT

He might be a comedian, but the Egyptian actor certainly doesn’t find anything funny about receiving death threats from the Muslim Brotherhood!

Ahmad Izz's commercial receives huge attention! (Image: Facebook)
08:39 GMT

TV commercials are really annoying, but one TV ad had viewers desperate to watch it over and over again...

Nancy Ajram takes time out for hugs and kisses with her sweet daughters Milla and Ella
08:23 GMT

It feels good to be in first place, and Nancy Ajram’s darling daughters and dentist husband know what we're talking about because the starlet doesn’t let her stellar career come before them.

Ahmad Adam less than impressed by Tony's stomach pains. (Image: Facebook)
08:07 GMT

It seems like Tony Khalife's show is causing upset to many celebs, and Ahmad Adam was one of them. What made him storm out the studio?

Noura's CD Cover (Image: Facebook)
05:47 GMT

The Hayy Festival in Egypt kicked off with a bang when Mauritanian singer Noura Mint Seymali hit the stage and rocked the El-Geneina Theatre with her mix up of beats.

July 20, 2013

Nicole Saba with hubby Youssef El Khal.
06:00 GMT

Hollywood stars love to show off their baby bumps, and Lebanese singer Nicole Saba joined in on the trend.

Scene from the show. (Image: Sabq)
05:00 GMT

A Saudi children's TV show was not so entertaining as presenters abused one child guest, causing suspension of the show.

July 19, 2013

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. (Image: Naharnet)
05:00 GMT

Critics weren't happy when Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine; is he some sort of pop celeb now?

July 18, 2013

Yousra is hopeful Egypt will be powerful again. (Image: Facebook)
09:58 GMT

Egypt is known as "Mother of the World" and Egyptian actress Yousra wants it to go back to the glorious country that it once was.

Omar Sharif's old age made his life a better place. (Image: Facebook)
09:15 GMT

Omar Sharif's old age is taking its toll on his memory, but surprisingly it's doing him more good than bad!

Peeps partyin' in Cairo!
08:52 GMT

It's been a cray-cray month for the citizens of Cairo and now it's time for a break. There are concerts galore, so check out the list of what's happenin' around town this weekend, Thursday through Sunday (18-21 July).

Competitors galore: Somaya El Khashab and Samar Yousri. (Image: Facebook)
08:32 GMT

Some healthy competition is good for the soul, but Somaya El Khashab and Samar Yousri are just playing silly!

Saber Ribai’s wonders how successful ‘Checkmate’ will be. Here's to hoping it will be a hit!
08:26 GMT

Saber Ribai and his director Fadi Haddad are certainly hoping the songster’s new music video for ‘Kish Malik’ (Checkmate) will be a victory for the songster, not a defeat.

Did he or didn't he? Ghada Abdel Raziq reneges indicting statements about Mohammad Sami
07:57 GMT

In the most controversial "Ana Wal Asal" (Me and the Honey) episode of the season with show host Nishan, Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Raziq totally contradicts former indicting statements about drama director Mohammad Sami.