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July 16, 2013

Qamar wonders if she'll have better success on stage than on the screen this year.
11:45 GMT

After two major let downs in film and television, Lebanese actress Qamar takes her talent to the stage in the new Egyptian play "Inheritance".

Daring has a different meaning for Hind Sabri. (Image: Facebook)
11:00 GMT

Hind Sabri is a sweet character by nature, but in her professional life she's as daring as they get!

Brett Weer stars in 'My American Neighbor' alongside Natheer Khawaldeh and Fares Hadadeen (Image: Facebook)
09:48 GMT

Our in-house American writer and comedian, Brett Weer, has a blast living life here with Arabs and has used his personal cultural mishaps and jokes as inspiration for his starring role in a new comedy series 'My American Neighbor' on Ro'ya TV through Ramadan.

Handsome Mr. Lebanon takes offense to sexual prepositions. (Image: Facebook)
09:29 GMT

We love eyeing up hot men, but we wouldn't go as far as... asking them to get down and dirty with us!

Ahmad dishes the deets on his parting of ways with Haifa Wehbe and more .
09:04 GMT

Even after Haifa Wehbe and Ahmad Abu Hashimeh's marriage ended, there's still drama surrounding it all over the place!

Arab Idol winner Mohammad Assaf shows fans the love. (Image: Facebook)
07:00 GMT

We went crazy for them during season 2 of Arab Idol, and now they're back in a live tour in Dubai next month!

Bang Bang: Klink loves her guns! (Image: Facebook)
06:00 GMT

Controversial model Myriam Klink is back; this time revealing some long-kept lil' secret.

July 15, 2013

Nancy Ajram busy recording in the studio. (Image: Facebook)
12:19 GMT

New Egyptian radio series hosts big names and none other than Nancy Ajram gets to sing its theme tune.

Palestinian singer Sanaa Moussa will perform on July 26. (Image: Facebook)
11:33 GMT

5 fabulous Arab female acts will grace the stage at the Hayy Festival this year in Egypt.

TV presenter Wafa Kilani explains why the new show won't be in the Ramadan lineup. (Image: Facebook)
11:28 GMT

No need to open a can of worms that's already been emptied. The new show "Qasr Al Kalam" (Palace of Discussion) was sadly canceled from the Ramadan lineup because the results of the revolution made it obsolete.

What does Ramy Ayach really get up to? (Image: Facebook)
10:59 GMT

Wouldn't you love to know what celebs get up to every minute of every day of their lives? Well, now you can!

Tamer Hosny to tear up the roads in his brand new Ferrari! Now you want one, don't you?
10:38 GMT

Men love their Ferraris, and Tamer Hosny is no exception. Soon, peeps from all around will be wanting those fast pieces of metal even more with the Egyptian hottie promoting them!

Ramadan dramas that have made the cut
09:58 GMT

Here's a rundown of some of this year's most outrageous Ramadan TV dramas.

Haifa and her sister aren't so lovey anymore
09:21 GMT

Having a sister is such a special thing, but Haifa Wehbe and Rola Yamout beg to differ!

JLo looks glam, even in the hot-seat! (Image: Facebook)
08:32 GMT

Remember when Jennifer Lopez sang 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' for President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow in the Muslim country of Turkmenistan? Well, human rights groups are still going cray-cray.