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June 13, 2013

Think about it. Is the region ready for Russell Brand?
10:00 GMT

Ready or not, here comes an uncensored Russell Brand with his 'Messiah Complex' show in Abu Dhabi, Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine later this summer.

Watawat dance crew (Photo from the crew's Facebook page)
08:10 GMT

The dance crew based in UAE beat up the competition, winning second place in a regional Filipino TV talent contest.

There's Ahmed's Rhino!
06:30 GMT

It's here, it's there, it's everywhere! The Rhinoceros story is an allegory at the Mashrabia Gallery where Ahmed Sabry's paintings are currently on display.

Lebanese artist Akram Zaatari (Photos by Marco Milan)
05:00 GMT

The latest work by one of region's talented artists, Akram Zaatari, is up for display at the Venice Arsenale until November 24th. “Letter to a Refusing Pilot,” is a whimsical piece of recollection.

June 12, 2013

Sharihan the activist
13:00 GMT

The leading lady will now be leading the campaign to oust Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi from her very own home in Cairo.

Qamar is just not catching a break these days, on TV or on the big screen.
10:46 GMT

Lebanese beauty Qamar has two strikes against her this month with the failure of her new movie and the canceling of her TV show.

Spraying away the Egyptian harassment
09:51 GMT

A Palestinian film maker says women need more legal protection as her documentary 'I Saw Harassment' received an award at the 16th Ismailia Film Festival last week.

Five young artists from Morocco to India have been named the winners of the sixth annual Abraaj Group Art Prize.
09:50 GMT

A group of five creatives from MENASA (the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia) have received $100,000 to fulfill their artistic projects, based on proposals submitted to the Abraaj Group.

Ayten Amer is A-ok!
08:24 GMT

News travels fast, and the car accident of one of Egypt's favorite starlets quickly caused alarm.

Storm Band poster (Photo from the band's Facebook page)
07:57 GMT

El-Genaina Theatre in Al-Azhar Park starts summer off right with Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy’s summer program.

Osama El Sayed says farewell to his popular Dubai TV cooking show, Ma’a Osama Atyab
05:00 GMT

Top chef turned TV celebrity Osama El Sayed shares an emotional farewell with viewers on his popular cooking show.

June 11, 2013

Pascale's dreams are coming true. The pop princess is on top of the world.
13:00 GMT

With more than a million views on YouTube in less than three weeks, Lebanese pop princess Pascale Machalaani’s “Girls Dreams” is a major hit!

The band is ready to release their new album!
11:00 GMT

One of the region's most promising ensembles has big things in store with a new album "What's Wrong with Beirut?" that's ready for release during their exciting slot in the Beirut Holidays concert series.

Tamer tones down with new film on hold.
10:14 GMT

It's not all rainbows and gumdrops anymore for Tamer Hosny's career. Everything has been looking up for the superstar until the writer for his new film peaced out from the project.

Jenny Asper returns as 'Media' with the rest of the girls.
09:43 GMT

Syrian actress Jenny Asper returns after taking time off to give birth and has begun filming for the fifth sequel of the popular television drama "Sabaya" (The Girls).