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August 7, 2013

Families gather to watch Ramadan TV together. (Image: ShutterStock)
10:47 GMT

This year, Ramadan TV viewings soared in MENA with strong preference for series and HD content.

A screenshot from the music video Exodus: The Syrian Refugee Crisis. (Image: YouTube)
10:17 GMT

Music is the universal language of the world. Now, a Syrian guitarist and an English singer are working on raising awareness of the Syrian refugee crisis through music.

Amr Diab is smiling. Will we be smiling this weekend too?
09:54 GMT's been announced that Amr Diab's awaited new album will show up this weekend just in time for Eid El Fitr, but no promo campaign has been made. Will he release, or won't he release: that is OUR question!

Ramy Ayach is busy holding concerts all over the world this summer. (Image: Facebook)
09:39 GMT

Singer Ramy Ayach has no time for resting; he's busy traveling the world to give his fans what they love most: A series of grand summer concerts!

Someone decided to hack into Basma's FB account while she was busy giving birth. (Image: Facebook)
08:51 GMT

Some people just have no morals! Actress Basma's Facebook account was hacked while she was away, busy giving birth! WOW!

Maram is third time pregnant and hoping for a boy. (Image: Facebook)
08:39 GMT

Kuwaiti actress Maram is third time pregnant and hoping that she's preggers with a cute baby boy!

Egyptian diva Zeina is zooming to the U.S.
08:28 GMT

In the home of Hollywood, the United States has acting lessons that every thespian would benefit from taking. Egyptian actress Zeina is taking full advantage of her summer break to head on over for further training.

Michael Ansara as Star Trek's original Klingon. (Image:
05:00 GMT

He was famously known as Star Trek's original Klingon, but actor Michael Ansara has sadly passed away aged 91.

August 6, 2013

Eric Bana, Olivia Munn, and Édgar Ramírez are Abu Dhabi bound as they star in 'Beware the Night'
12:55 GMT

Abu Dhabi has been selected as the shooting locale for the opening scenes of the Hollywood film 'Beware the Night'!

Najwa Karam is feeling the pressure as her dad's ill in hospital. (Image: Facebook)
11:19 GMT

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam has been away from fans and by her dad's side recently. Let's hope all's well with the two!

Jordanian singer Diana Karazon got the surprise of her life recently!
10:47 GMT

He may not have gotten the answer he was looking for, but Diana Karazon’s friend didn’t get totally denied after his surprise proposal to the Jordanian singer at a party.

Full of life: Carole Samaha to star in a new musical, The Lady. (Image: Facebook)
10:35 GMT

Singer Carole Samah's career is going from one high point to another. Now, she's getting her hands busy with the production of her very own musical.

The moment Mohammad Assaf met football legend Messi. (Image: Facebook)
10:18 GMT

This August will be filled with surprises as singer Mohammad Assaf will be meeting the Barca football team for a live concert and more!

Hareem El Sultan, one of the fave Turkish soaps that's being boycotted by Egyptian artists.
09:56 GMT

Considering the support the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government has shown for Morsi, calls for a boycott have been raised by a number of production companies and the Egyptian Cinema Syndicate.

Ahmed Helmy will be there, AGT fans, don't worry.
09:36 GMT

Where in the world is comedian actor Ahmed Helmy? The celeb was not included in the promo ads for season three of Arabs Got Talent. What gives?