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April 4, 2013

Gangnam style stormed the deserts of Arabia
23:07 GMT

Sharjah is set to be the site of an Indian top actor's Gangnam style 'break' this weekend. Mohanlal may be a little late into the game, since Psy's introducing new work: Move over Gangnam and step in 'Gentleman' style as his second international 'release'.

Doc Jazz plays his funky music to cure Palestinian ailments
22:17 GMT

Palestine has a new secret weapon and its striking fear into the heart of the competition in the entertainment industry. Doc Jazz is a surgeon and musical activist who presents Palestinians with all-purpose cures for their spiritual or physical malaise.

Italy is poised for Egyptian film
15:26 GMT

As an exercise in bolstering the cultural exchange between Egypt and Italy, the Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome hosts the Egyptian Film Week from 2 - 6 April.

Assala Nasri lets down her fans
14:28 GMT

There were sighs of disappointment as frustrated fans in Brussels were left with a wasted evening on their hands and no sight of Assala Nasri, let alone token Belgian chocolates to make up for the loss.

Nour El Sherif's face still to fill our screen this Ramadan
12:42 GMT

In the eleventh hour, Nour El Sherif snatches a leading role for this year's Ramadan marathon.

Nawal makes it to the top of the pile with 'Gharibi Hal Denyi' (Strange World)
09:38 GMT

Lebanese pop queen Nawal al Zoghbi peaks the charts with 'Gharibi Hal Denyi' (Strange World).

Look who's laughing now. Rhageb Alama plays April Fools prank.
08:15 GMT

We've been played. Arab Idol's Ragheb Alama finally spills the truth about his April Fool's hoax resignation.

Eraserheads will wipe out all traces of other music acts when they hit the Dubai arena
07:59 GMT

The old-school Eraserheads are bringing the Filipino back to Dubai! They're kicking off their UAE gig today, April 4th.

April 3, 2013

Simon Fujiwara displays awkward, mysterious art
15:20 GMT

Awkward, mysterious, and eclectically fun, Simon Fujiwara of Sharjah displays art inspired by an old family photograph.

D-CAF starts on Thursday 4 April
14:42 GMT

El Attar, the founder of Cairo's Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival, says Egypt is ready for the art that will be on display this month. They just don't know it yet.

Lebanese Pascale Machalaani lives like the girl next door
14:15 GMT

The Lebanese singer claims to be just like everyone else while prepping for a summer concert tour around the region.

Kit Kat Comedy Show Contest
13:13 GMT

The top chocolate wafer company wants a piece of that Arab Comedy for a new show. Contest ends soon!

Mohammed Abdu will sing Majed's newest song
12:24 GMT

Old-school singer from Saudi, Mohammed Abdu, to take over and sing a comp by Iraq’s main man Majed al Muhandis.

Qamar Khalaf
11:54 GMT

The Syrian actress is said to be unable to cope after her tragic news.

Cyrine Abdel Nour
09:59 GMT

The Lebanese stunner refuses to answer May over accusations that she's just like her scandalous character 'Ruby' in real life.