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February 19, 2013

Nancy Ajram: pop princess.
09:23 GMT

The Lebanese star is ambushed by a very young fan while in her car in Qatar.

Ragheb Alama struggles on with facial expressions.
08:43 GMT

The Arab Idol judge is desperate to get rid of those wrinkles.

DJ Poet is performing in Dubai on Thursday night
08:23 GMT

DJ Poet is set to spread the love in Dubai this weekend.

May Salim
08:17 GMT

The Jordanian singer-turned-actress says she's not about to go back to her ex-hubby despite the shock divorce.

'People is Singular' (photo by Salwa Rashad)
07:21 GMT

Alexandria's El-Cabina Arts Centre will host a cultural night featuring American poet Andy Young alongside a photography exhibition and live music performance on 22 February.

South Korean pop sensation PSY (Park Jae Sang) is going ‘Gangnam Style’ in Dubai next month.
05:00 GMT

South Korean pop sensation PSY (Park Jae Sang) is going ‘Gangnam Style’ in Dubai next month.

February 18, 2013

Abbey Crouch poses with a pal in the sunshine (Photo: Twitter / Abbey Crouch)
12:08 GMT

Abbey keeps clothes to a minimum and PDAs to a maximum during sexy Dubai trip.

Cirque de Glace (Photo by Muath Freij)
11:45 GMT

Cirque de Glace's star performers got a roaring reception in the Kingdom last week.

11:00 GMT

The Iconic Filipino rock band are returning to Dubai for their first solo show in the emirate next month.

Eric Baudelaire
10:00 GMT

Eric Baudelaire’s mesmerizing solo exhibition 'Now Here Then Elsewhere' is on display at the Beirut Art Center until the beginning of April.

Mai Hariri spent Valentine's with her daughters.
09:30 GMT

The Lebanese lovely says she spent her Valentine's Day with her children and won't be hooking up with a new man anytime soon.

Nadine Nujeim
09:06 GMT

The ex-Lebanese beauty pageant winner is expecting her first child - a baby boy!

Wyclef Jean has been hard at work in the studio with DJ Bliss and Prince Q
07:12 GMT

Three-time Grammy-award winning star, Wyclef Jean, has been in the studio with Emirati producers and musicians DJ Bliss and Prince Q.

Mohamed Fathi mixes fiction and reality in one photo
05:00 GMT

Egyptian photographer Mohamed Fathi transforms day-to-day reality into a series of shots that mix fiction and real life in one photo.

February 17, 2013

The prestigious Elite Model Look competition is coming to Dubai (Photo: Elite Model Look)
12:54 GMT

Elite Model Look comes to town to find the fashion world's next big thing.