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June 6, 2013

Tom Young's "Carousel" exhibition on display at Gemmayzeh’s Villa Paradiso (Photo from The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban)
11:03 GMT

With a grand opening slated for the fall, folks can get a little taste of paradise early with Tom Young's "Carousel" on display at the quaint and new art center "Villa Paradiso" in Gemmayzeh.

Carmen Suleiman knows Arab Idol success and passes on the Egyptian love to Ahmad Jamal.
10:36 GMT

It's the final stretch, and Arab Idol season finalist Ahmad Jamal has got at least one cheerleader! The winner of Arab Idol's first season, Carmen Suleiman, is tweeting her support of the fellow Egyptian contestant most in the danger zone.

Is he gonna laugh at you this time, or make you a star? Ahmed Helmy's Arabs Got Talent's new judge.
09:58 GMT

Watch out, Arabia, Ahmed Helmy is gonna be checkin’ out your mad skillz on ‘Arabs Got Talent’. Say goodbye to Saudi comedian Naser Al Qasabi ‘cause Ahmed is comin’ to town and joining the judging committee for the talent's show's third season.

Don't sweat, Dubai, Jean-Claude Van Damme is here to save the day!
06:48 GMT

Action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme has spent his career bashing bad guys - and now the ‘Muscles from Brussels’ is preparing to beat up brazen bankers in Dubai.

Amr Hosny's art is psychedelic! (Photo from AmrHonsy Facebook page)
04:00 GMT

Amr Hosny's bizarre creations introduce the concept of psychedelic art to the Egyptian cultural scene. Too bad they're not for sale!

June 5, 2013

Ola Ghanem and Mustafa Shabaan are being called out for debasing Ramadan.
15:03 GMT

Based on commercials alone, one Egyptian professor has declared 'haraam' Shabaan and Ghanem's upcoming drama.

It's an all star trio! (photo from press release)
12:00 GMT

It’s an all star trio performance set to liven up the post-race night on October 31st at Yas Island’s du Arena.

David Guetta always brings a hot show.
10:20 GMT

French DJ David Guetta and Lebanese singer Assi El Helani were just two of the superstars that shined the super successful Moroccan festival stage last week.

Madonna is showin' the love
09:19 GMT

The former 'Material Girl' is now helping expand a school in Pakistan, shortly after pledging to donate $7.2 million for girls' education rights in the region and South Asia.

Majida gets enough attention without lil' ol' Arab idol (Photo of Majeda from the shooting of "E'tazalt El Gharam" music video in 2006 under the direction of Nadine Labaky)
08:27 GMT

Lebanese diva Majida Al Roumi’s career is so sizzlin’, she doesn’t need a moment in the Arab Idol spotlight, turns down the talent show invite.

She's happenin', and she knows it.
07:41 GMT

Egypt's hottest actress and songstress is smokin' up the small screen and the music scene this summer season.

Wust El Balad band is ready to rock next weekend (Photo from the band's website)
06:18 GMT

This is 'da week when the summer concert fun begins in Azhar Park's El-Geneina Theatre with bands bustin' out tunes all summer long.

June 4, 2013

The Lebanese didn't pull any punches by performing this French comedy featuring a gay couple.
14:31 GMT

The Lebanese see themselves as always the trendsetter in the MIddle East and this Paris-based comedy about a gay couple adopting is a first in the region.

Diana Haddad is about to give Arab Idols and fans the first live performance of her new single.
13:01 GMT

Lebanese singer, Diana Haddad, is slated for Friday's Arab Idol episode and already her fans are bubbling with anticipation.

British comedian Al Murray throws up the deuces to Dubai.
11:06 GMT

It may not be a once in a lifetime experience, but it's still a one night only chance this year to see ‘The Pub Landlord’ Al Murray, with Done Events today announcing his welcomed return to the city