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July 2, 2013

Hammaki teams up with Imam!
10:51 GMT

From bad boy singer to snapshot actor, Mohammad Hammaki has made his way into Adel Imam’s Ramadan drama ‘Al Araf’ (The Fortune Teller).

Turkish actress Lamis (Image:Facebook)
10:16 GMT

We loved listening to her as Lamis the gifted singer, but now Tuba is talking politics.

Jenny and Sandy Asper soon to both be stars!
10:07 GMT

It’s never too early to start, and Jenny Asper’s two-month-old baby is living proof. The Syrian actress is inaugurating her daughter into stardom on screen of ‘Sabaya’ (The Girls).

Nancy Ajram looking lovely in Turkmenistan's national costume (Image: Facebook)
09:52 GMT

He's one lucky man: the President of Turkmenistan gets a little JLo and Nancy Ajram all in one birthday!

Yay for vacation, Laila wonders? (Photo courtesy of Facebook)
09:27 GMT

Stardom, Ramadan show in the making, and vacation....Laila Elwi's summer looks pretty good from that perspective, but sadly the drama isn't limited to the screen. Her mandatory holiday may not be fun after all.

The French really love her: Haifa Wehbe at the Cannes Film Festival last month (Image: Facebook)
08:57 GMT

You can't be anyone but Haifa Wehbe to get an invitation to the City of Love's most exclusive events!

Carole Samaha graces the stage at Jerash (Photo courtesy of Facebook)
07:55 GMT

Jerash is up-and-happening, and this year Carole Samaha was finally in the star lineup!

Creamfields is coming to town!
07:47 GMT

Every Lebanese electronica addict's dream has come true with the announcement the Creamfields, the largest electronic music festival in the world, is hitting up Beirut as its latest international location.

Jennifer Lopez talking on the mic (Photo courtesy of Facebook)
05:33 GMT

After being highly condemned for singing Happy Birthday to Muslim Turkmenistan leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, Jennifer Lopez spills the deets on why she was down with the daring performance.

July 1, 2013

Mohammad Assaf serenades Dubai. (Image: Gulf News)
17:37 GMT

Assaf Mania hits Dubai. The young superstar head to the Gulf's coolest destination for his first international appearance.

A 'real' happy birthday for the President of Turkmenistan
12:36 GMT

Jennifer Lopez's 'Love don't cost a thing' but her dignity. People are in an uproar after she sang 'Happy Birthday' to the Muslim dictator of Turkmenistan.

Don't shoot! Action man Youssef Sharif  (Image: Albawaba)
12:23 GMT

Former law abiding citizen Youssef Sharif takes matters into his own hands in new action drama.

Bassem Youssef hosts Arab satirical show 'Al Bernameg' (Photo courtesy of Facebook)
12:10 GMT

The Arab satirical show ‘Al Bernameg’ snatches a sweeping number of fans in Egypt and across the region as it criticizes the misleading stances and flaws of the Egyptian leadership.

Haifa on the square of Shubbak Festival (Photo courtesy of Facebook)
10:58 GMT

Shubbak Festival opens a window in London to the fun, funky, and even edgy side of Arab culture.

Amal Maher: Patriot preacher or innocent singer? (Image: Facebook)
10:34 GMT

Amal Maher is talkin' to the hand 'cause Egypt's ears ain't listenin' after she got the Revolutionary shun. Music for the soul, or music for a fight? Read up and you decide!