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March 4, 2013

Ben Affleck
08:14 GMT

Ben Affleck's four-year-old daughter was terrified after being "swarmed" by paparazzi on Friday.

Strutting their stuff on the catwalk.
08:05 GMT

The show that got Dubai all of a fashion flutter finally airs on the small screen.

Actors Khaled Saleh and Olfat Imam (Photo: Febrayer Al-Aswad Facebook page)
05:20 GMT

Egyptian film 'Black February', starring Khaled Saleh and directed by Mohamed Amin, will hit cinemas across Egypt on Wednesday 6 March.

March 3, 2013

Somaya Al Khashab
15:08 GMT

Egyptian actress, Soumaya Al Khashab, has been spotted out and about in Abu Dhabi shooting scenes for her hot new travel show.

Mohamed Fouad and Mirette Mechail performing “As Usual” (Mohammed Al Nahas)
14:57 GMT

No Point Perspective Dance Theatre keeps dance alive in Egypt by getting movers and shakers across the country on their feet.

Diana Haddad performs live.
11:46 GMT

After an eternity in the Gulf, the Lebanese beauty heads back home to work on some new music.

Sherine was rumored to have cancelled her concert in Kuwait due to sickness.
11:30 GMT

The Egyptian star is rumored to be so ill that she can't leave Egypt and had to cancel a concert last minute.

Ahmad Soultan
11:27 GMT

He may hail from a very small village in Morocco, but big things are coming up for Ahmad Soultan. We have all the goss you need on the award-winning star.

Mustafa Qamar
11:19 GMT

The Egyptian singer gets back in the game after an absence of three years.

Songul Oden
09:24 GMT

The so-called 'Rose of Turkey' decides the Arab world is where the drama is really at.

An executive at one of the world’s leading record labels has said the Dubai-based duo could be the next big thing on the global music scene (Photo: Hollaphonic / Facebook)
06:38 GMT

An executive at one of the world’s leading record labels has said Dubai-based duo, Hollaphonic, could be the next big thing on the global music scene.

Yuan Sheng is set to give a royal performance in Cairo (Photo courtesy: International Music Centre, Cairo)
05:00 GMT

On 3 March, Yuan Sheng from China will give Egyptian music lovers a piano recital to remember at Cairo's historic Manasterly Palace,

March 2, 2013

Wael Kfoury charms the crowd.
13:08 GMT

A controversial weekend on the talent show as Elissa gets dissed and Wael nearly storms off set.

Dolly Shaheen
07:00 GMT

The Lebanese actress refuses to get a stunt man on set and faces the consequences after falling.

Rania Yousef
06:00 GMT

The Egyptian star will be starring in a new movie dedicated to understanding why her home country has such a problem with rape.