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April 2, 2013

Angelina Jolie poses with school girls in Afghanistan
11:17 GMT

Jolie is at it again. The gorgeous philanthropist creates educational opportunities for girls' in Afghanistan with funding from her new jewellery line.

Sulaf is no beauty queen!
11:05 GMT

The Syrian actress loses out in the final stages to an Omani and a Saudi.

Hayat and Suad together
10:53 GMT

The Kuwaiti actresses settle their 20-year-old differences and star in a production that will be sure to appease the hunger of fans this Ramadan.

You what?! Myriam Fares's biggest fan wants her name written in blood.
10:30 GMT

The sexy Lebanese singer gets a message from her biggest fan saying he's carved her name into his hand!

Akon and Tamer Hosny Duet
10:00 GMT

Dreamboats Akon and Egyptian Tamer Hosny to produce duet. Tamer teaches Akon how to sing in Arabic.

Train can't wait to return to Dubai.
07:15 GMT

After their hit performance at Dubai Jazz Fest in 2011, the band are desperate to get back to the Middle East.

April 1, 2013

14:22 GMT

Tunisian beauty, Durra Zarrouk, is set to dance her way through the holy month of Ramadan as a belly dancer involved in a love affair in the TV series "Competitions".

Justin Bieber had to leave a monkey in quarantine after landing in Germany last week without the necessary papers for the animal, an official said Saturday.
13:42 GMT

Just weeks ahead of his Dubai gig, Justin Bieber is forced to leave his monkey in quarantine after landing in Germany without the necessary papers for the animal.

A fly on the wall look at foreigners in Egypt is a new feature film (Image used for illustrative purposes)
13:05 GMT

A new feature documentary seeks to discover the truth about the Khawagat face of Egypt. The research has involved a lot of foreigner-watching about town.

Jay Wud opened for Guns N' Roses in their recent Abu Dhabi gig.
12:27 GMT

The local legend spills the beans about his dream opening slot.

Noora's winning Harlem Shake video.
11:57 GMT

A dance fan who won a place to perform alongside ‘Harlem Shake’ creator Baauer in Dubai this weekend did not make it on stage because she was denied admission to the venue.

Mouad Belghouat Moroccan rapper freed
10:55 GMT

The Moroccan rapper who got jailed for insulting his country's police through his strongly worded lyrics has now been released a year after the arrest.

Sherine Abdel Wahab
10:31 GMT

The Nile Radio Production's NRP official record label, Nogoum Records, have secured the sassy Sherine as their latest Egyptian voice.

Buquat Dou’a returns to our screens
09:49 GMT

After rumors of cancellation filled celeb gossip wires, an announcement from Boqa'at Dou'a (Spotlight)'s producers brings news that the show will resume filming into Season 10.

Fatima Abdel Rehim is alive to act another day after brush with death
09:23 GMT

A Bahraini actress had a near death experience....while filming an execution scene in the TV drama “Not a Tear of Sadness". Fatima Abdel Rehim found herself wrestling with the real possibility of death when the stunt went horribly wrong.