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October 9, 2012

Delays hit Maya Diab's new video
15:07 GMT

In an embarrassment to Lebanese songstress Maya Diab, the video for her new single has been delayed, even after a rumoured $1 million was spent on production.

Nasser Salameh, i3zif's Tabla instructor.
12:56 GMT

Website 'I3zif' teaches budding musicians how to play without leaving their bedroom.

Maysam Nahas gets hitched to her dream dentist
11:30 GMT

Lebanese singer Maysam Nahas has secured a bright future full of dazzling smiles as she nabs her dream dentist for a walk down the aisle.

The Woman in Black.
11:11 GMT

'The Woman in Black', on stage for 23 years in London is finally set to come to the UAE.

Aser Yasin
10:45 GMT

The young Egyptian actor has shunned the celebrity wedding in favor of a quiet ceremony with his true love.

Tayem Hasan's new fishing boat-based drama set for January launch
09:46 GMT

Tayem Hasan's new drama, which sees the Syrian star in the leading role as a fisherman, is set for a January launch after delays caused by the production company.

The Fray, US band ahead of their Dubai debut.
09:16 GMT

Ahead of their performance in Dubai, 'The Fray' talk to Gulf News about how they made it out of Starbucks and on to the stage.

El-Medina El-Monawara.
08:38 GMT

No surprises in store as the holy city is named by Saudis as the chosen culture capital for next year.

Fadel Shaker
08:24 GMT

The Lebanese singer has been behaving more and more strangely ever since he became BFFs with a Salafi Sheikh.

Image featured in the exhibition by Jonathan Rashad.
08:03 GMT

The new exhibition, 'Cairo. Open City: New Testimonies from an Ongoing Revolution' started last month in Braunschweig, Germany.

October 8, 2012

Egyptian director and screenwriter Amr Salama.
11:26 GMT

Amr Salama says his film script was rejected because its lead character is Coptic

Fetih 1453 banned in Lebanon.
11:16 GMT

Lebanon has officially banned 'Fetih 1453' after worries that it would be insulting to Orthodox Christians.

George Awde, Untitled, from the “Shifting Grounds” series, 2012, inkjet print, 61cm x 76cm, edition of 5.
11:01 GMT

There are Lebanese artists aplenty but no support for the creative types.

CirCairo 2012.
10:45 GMT

Despite police delays and permit problems, Cairo enjoys the spectacle of their international circus festival.

One of Khalil's untitled shots.
10:28 GMT

This is postmodern irony in the city of sin: a set of photos about how similar everywhere is.