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December 31, 2012

The best of Lebanese theatre in 2012.
08:07 GMT

The city may not have been overflowing with theater over the last 12 months, but the performances have nevertheless covered all the bases.

08:02 GMT

After hitting out at journalists and celebrities alike from her Twitter account, the UAE singer wants everyone to follow her on new social networking site,

Fun in the sun: Rita Ora strikes a pose in Dubai (Photo: Instagram / Rita Ora)
04:00 GMT

It might be a cold December for much of the Middle East but – with a little help from pop sensation Rita Ora – Dubai is still sizzling hot!

December 30, 2012

Cracks are already beginning to show on the Arab Idol 2 judging panel (Photo: Facebool / Arab Idol)
13:32 GMT

The Arab Idol 2 judges put a stop to rumors that they're no longer pals by recording a duet together.

Abed Fahed visited Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp on Friday
11:31 GMT

The life of a movie star and heartthrob is all well and good but with his country in crisis, Syrian actor Abed Fahed has swapped celebrity glamor for humanitarian action.

In defense of art as dissent.
09:05 GMT

Latuff stands in solidarity with his Egyptian counterpart, who is to be questioned by the prosecutor general for her latest cartoon on the constitution and MB regime.

Politically charged: Mohamed Abla's art blends snapshots of Cairo’s streets with policemen and scathingly rebellious newspaper headlines.
08:59 GMT

Egyptian artwork in 2012 presents a growing digital, young, politically charged and international movement.

Ring in New Year at the Cairo Opera House.
08:55 GMT

Cairo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ahmed El-Saedi will give New Year's Concert in Cairo on 31 December and in Alexandria on January 1.

“Chaos, Disorder” co-stars Ramsi Lehner, center, and Mohamed Farag, right.
08:22 GMT

Did the region's movies this year really have nothing to do with the Arab Spring?

Back to basics: Ragheb Alama.
07:57 GMT

The Lebanese superstar is going back to singing in Arabian Gulf dialect for his upcoming album.

Nicky Minaj performs in Dubai.
07:55 GMT

The zany rapper waxes lyrical about her time in the Middle East.

Back on top: Sherine Abdel Wahab.
07:08 GMT

Three albums that helped revive a struggling industry this year.

Laila Elwi
05:30 GMT

The first lady of Egyptian acting finally admits defeat on her stormy marriage.

December 29, 2012

Kadim al Sahir
07:00 GMT

The divorced Iraqi coach decides that Nour Iriqsousi's talent is too good to go to waste so takes her under his musical wing.

Ramy knows how tough the celebrity lifestyle can be.
06:00 GMT

The Lebanese heartthrob is presented with a model of a different kind when he attends Cadillac's party in Beirut.