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February 10, 2013

Razan Moghrabi is a lady with a past.
09:43 GMT

The notorious Lebanese sexpot is back to acting after THAT scandalous video.

Ahmed Helmy
09:15 GMT

Hit movie, 'Ala Jithiti' (Over My Dead Body) is set to move from Egypt onto the Canadian screens.

Legitimate Dreams is part of the partnership between the SFD and UN Women to empower Egyptian women economically and help them live their dreams through economic enterprises.
08:26 GMT

'Legitimate Dreams' tells six inspiring tales of female entrepreneurs in Egypt.

Fadel Shaker
07:57 GMT

The retired Lebanese songster says the Syrian regime is after him and are working with their neighboring country to hunt him down.

The Towie cast could be washing up on Dubai's shores in the near future
07:39 GMT

Rumors have surfaced that British faux-reality show, The Only Way is Essex, might be filming in Dubai soon.

A Dubai diamond firm has hired a team of musclemen to safeguard Nicole Kidman's 2008 Oscars necklace.  (Photo: Glam Check)
06:59 GMT

A Dubai diamond firm has hired a team of musclemen to safeguard an exquisite Dhs25 million necklace worn by Hollywood star Nicole Kidman to the Oscars in 2008.

February 9, 2013

Ahlam is not a woman to be messed with!
07:00 GMT

The UAE songstress flies off the handle once again, taking Lebanese journalists to court over alleged untruths.

Sir Bob strutting his stuff.
06:00 GMT

Taking a break from saving the world, the Irish superstar will be getting in the Guiness at Dubai's Irish Village for St Patrick's Day.

Haifa and Ahmad in happier times.
05:00 GMT

According to Arab media reports, a mutual friend is trying to play matchmaker between the pair.

February 8, 2013

Nancy Ajram (L) and Ragheb Alama behind the scenes.
06:00 GMT

Before the show has even started, the drama has begun as the judges gear up for another season of tears and tantrums.

Ali al Deek
05:00 GMT

The Syrian heartthrob will be taking center stage for his romantic special in L.A.

February 7, 2013

Kuwait's favorite diva, Shams, has been stirring up trouble in the celebosphere
10:47 GMT

Kuwait's favorite diva is stirring up trouble again.

Mayadah Al Hanawi has released the video for her single 'Kurdistan' (Photo: Just Syrian)
09:29 GMT

Much loved songstress Mayadah Al Hinawi has finally returned to the spotlight with the release of her hotly-anticipated music video for her single 'Kurdistan'.

Poor Sherine is left out of the game.
08:49 GMT

Poor Sherine Abdel Wahab thought she'd landed the gig presenting the popular Ramadan riddles show but turns out producers would rather have Haifa on instead.

Amr Diab's new album will be released on Valentine's Day
08:43 GMT

Egyptian heartthrob Amr Diab has confirmed that his hotly-anticipated album will be released this Valentine's Day.