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January 17, 2013

Just when she thought her nightmare was over, thugs have begun harassing Mina Fadali once again.
08:31 GMT

Egyptian actress Mina Fadali and her mother are being extremely cautious after receiving threatening phone calls.

The Ashtar Theatre company of Ramallah are due to perform an Arabic translation of William Shakespeare's "Richard II" this weekend. (Photo: Facebook)
07:06 GMT

The Ashtar Theatre Company will perform a version of Shakespeare’s iconic Richard II as part of Dubai’s annual shopping festival, reported the National on Wednesday.

January 16, 2013

Adib Khair, center, with scriptwriter Claudia Marchalian, right, at a news conference for “Ruby” at MBC4 studios, last February.
14:46 GMT

The late Adib Khair was an innovative Syrian television producer, perhaps best known for igniting the Turkish soap opera craze across the Arab Middle East. Here his contemporaries pay their respects.

Uprising: Egypt's revolution in a documentary
14:09 GMT

Multi-award winning documentary ‘Uprising’ by filmmaker Fredrick Stanton has received a rave review in the LA Times.

Though I Know the River is Dry is written and directed by independent filmmaker and producer Omar Robert Hamilton
12:32 GMT

While currently in its final stages of editing, independent short film, 'Though I Know the River is Dry,' still needs financial support.

Ayyam Gallery in Dubai
12:00 GMT

Located on Bond Street in the heart of London, the UK branch of the Syrian Ayyam Gallery will open its new premises later this month with a solo exhibition by Lebanese artist and architect Nadim Karam.

The Enana Dance Theater performed Julia Dumna in the Manama Cultural Hall in December (Photo: Manama)
11:49 GMT

Following their Bahrain performance in December, members of the Enana Dance Theatre are now busy working on choreography for Ibn Battuta, a show that will see a collaboration between artists from Arab countries, Hungary and Poland, in February

The second edition of LAFF is taking place from 15 to 24 March
10:32 GMT

The second edition of Egypt's Luxor African Film Festival, set to run from 15 to 24 March, will feature over 70 films from 34 African nations.

British reality star, Amy Childs
09:35 GMT

British reality star Amy Childs has been doing her best to teach the UAE the meaning of PDAs on her romantic Dubai getaway with boyfriend, David Peters.

Australia's Arab Film Festival is set to take place from 27 June to 17 July
08:57 GMT

The Arab Film Festival Australia aims to showcase stories from Arabic-speaking peoples to diverse Australian audiences, reflecting the complexity and diversity of Arab experiences.

'In Conflict: Reflections on The Constant War in Iraq' by Satta Hashem
07:21 GMT

Satta Hashem's latest exhibition, 'In Conflict: Reflections on the Constant War in Iraq,' will be displayed in Nottingham's New Art Exchange gallery from Saturday.

Daniel Barenboim played a piano recital in Qatar on Tuesday evening (Photo: West-Eastern Divan Orchestra)
06:14 GMT

Famous Israeli composer and pianist Daniel Barenboim returned to Qatar on Tuesday evening for a piano recital at the Katara Cultural Village after his previous performances were cancelled last year.

January 15, 2013

"I love India. India is a beautiful country. I promise that I will be back again for you lovely people. You all are amazing," said the star.
13:08 GMT

After a NYE performance in Dubai decked out in a tuxedo-thobe, Snoop Dogg opted for a light green sherwani and a turban for his Dehli concert.

Saber al Rebai isn't a one-woman kinda guy!
11:25 GMT

The Tunisian singing star's wife tells reporters she was the last to know about his new fiancée.

Ragheb Alama figures out the wonders of recycling.
10:54 GMT

The Arab Idol judge decides it's too much effort to create all new tracks so reworks his classics for his latest album.