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November 14, 2012

Helmy comes out of a coma and hilarity ensues in his new film, "Over My Dead Body".
11:14 GMT

Audiences will laugh themselves to death at the upcoming film “Ala Jithiti” (Over My Dead Body) starring Egyptian comedian Ahmed Helmy.

Exhibition 'Right-to-Left' in Berlin.
10:55 GMT

The Berlin exhibition showcases street art and graffiti by up-and-coming artists from the Arab world and Iran.

Hany Rashed’s painting about the Port Said massacre.
09:48 GMT

The 'Asa7by' exhibition documents Egyptian internet culture through art.

Haifa Wehbe is back on Twitter!
09:42 GMT

Celeb fans across the Arab world have been waiting with baited breath for Lebanese superstar Haifa Wehbe to post her first tweet as a single lady. Finally the wait is over!

Nancy Ajram has revealed that she wants a son
09:09 GMT

The Lebanese diva has revealed that she wants a son.

Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug.
08:54 GMT

Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug, better known as “Muhannad” the romantic hero who stars in popular Turkish soap operas, has tied the knot with former Miss World Azra Akin.

Portrait of a man from Upper Egypt - Sherif Karas.
08:38 GMT

A snapshot of the Egyptian photographer's life and work.

George Wassouf
08:27 GMT

In the midst of a civil war, the Syrian star has started scribbling a book about his personal life.

Assi Helani and Sherine Abdel Wahab
07:56 GMT

When poor Sherine Abdel Wahab fell on the set of talent show hit, The Voice, she didn't expect fellow coach, Assi Helani, to laugh hysterically.

'The Turtle' was named Best HD movie of 2012
06:08 GMT

In front of a glittering audience of movie makers and media personnel gathered at Grand Habtoor Beach Resort and Spa, Dubai on Monday, ‘The Turtle’ won the award for Best HD movie of 2012.

November 13, 2012

Fifi has described newly single Haifa as a 'precious flower'
13:34 GMT

Following Lebanese superstar Haifa Wehbe’s high profile split from her husband of four years, fellow star Fifi Abdou has shared her condolences.

Award winning film No.
12:21 GMT

The experimental film is a winner at LA Indie Festival

Nancy Ajram is to perform on the final episode of "Sawt Al Hayah"
11:05 GMT

Egyptian musician and judge on the television show has announced that superstar Nancy Ajram will be a guest on the final episode, with the winner being able to perform along side the Lebanese songstress.

Mena Fadaly has said she won't let the media meddle in her private life
10:59 GMT

Rising star Mina Fadaly might be happy to share her on-screen love life with the public but the Egyptian actress says she is keen to keep her real life relationships private.

Anthony Hopkins.
10:44 GMT

Abstract:Hollywood hunks Liam Hemsworth, Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson and renowned actor Anthony Hopkins are set to film the remake of “Arabian Nights” in the UAE.