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August 2, 2012

Adel Emam in military fatigues
10:00 GMT

Adel Emam wants to reinstate the 'army' in his script for the TV show Naji Attalah's Gang, after TV satellite stations censored out the Arabic word for army in the entire film.

Somaya al Khashab
09:51 GMT

The Egyptian actress reveals all to TV host, Amr al Laithi.

Yemenis are particularly outraged by 'Wi Fi,' a supposed satire program aired on MBC television station.
08:59 GMT

Yemenis hate being the butt of jokes for Arab audiences. They're not impressed with political TV soaps airing this Ramadan, nor a Saudi production that casts them as "stupid, ignorant terrorists." Or Qat-chewing single-dimensional Arabians. It turns out this Gulf nation comes with its share of Gulfi pride too.

Najwa Karam
08:47 GMT

According to the 70-year-old Lebanese singer, he's been having an affair with the immaculate Arabs Got Talent judge, Najwa Karam.

August 1, 2012

Carmen Suleiman can live without her prize Corvette
20:35 GMT

Simple starlet Carmen Suleiman the Arab Idol champion of 2012 shows that fame has not gone to her head when she sells the gas-guzzling Corvette prize she was awarded for her winning voice.

Fifi Abdo (L) kisses Nabila Obeid (R)
14:12 GMT

Fifi's steals a kiss with a co-actress and all hell breaks loose as accusations fly that it was a lesbian smooch.

Saudi actress, Lamar
11:34 GMT

Saudi actress Lamar defends herself from rumors that superstar Egyptian actor, Nour El Sharif, is her real father.

Laila Elwy is somehow related to Hosni Mubarak
11:12 GMT

Laila speaks of her extended 'family fortunes' and being loosely related to Egypt's ousted leader through his daughter-in-law.

May Kassab
09:43 GMT

The Egyptian actress lets slip the lowdown on latest movie 'Kalbi Daleeli'.

Myriam Fares
08:34 GMT

The Lebanese singer gets intimate with host Nishan to talk family secrets and rumors of plastic surgery.

Asala has no time for friends of Assad
06:51 GMT

Syrian singer Asala Nasri has turned on brother and many fellow celebrities in her burning loyalty to her Syrian people embattled by their leader.

July 31, 2012

Hind's daughter, Alia
09:57 GMT

The Tunisian actress gives us a sneak peak of her daughter on TV show 'Ana wel Asal'.

Dolly Shaheen
09:31 GMT

The singer dedicates her latest single to the orphans and street children of Egypt.

Bassam Kousa
08:47 GMT

The Syrian actor puts a stop to those rumors of his death.

Laila Elwi
07:58 GMT

Egypt's first lady of acting says she's not ashamed to be related to the ousted Egyptian president but won't let politics dictate her personal life.