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September 24, 2014

Biatch stole my style! Amal and Taylor were spotted wearing the same Oscar de la Renta floral dress! (Image: Facebook)
07:17 GMT

They may be nothing alike, but lawyer Amal Alamuddin and pop star Taylor Swift have the same taste in fashion!

September 23, 2014

Queen M looked stunning in a black and gold number! (Image: Facebook)
14:05 GMT

Mariam Hussain is such a Daddy's girl! She received every girl's dream present on her 23rd bday.

Basma Bousel and her beautiful baby, Talia. (Image: Twitter)
12:33 GMT

She's been kept out of the spotlight for so long, but now little Talia Hosny has all eyes on her after her momma posted a pic to Instagram.

Yara assures her duet with Wael Kfoury is finally on its way.
12:11 GMT

It may have been awhile since the artist has produced a piece in her native tongue, but she certainly hasn't skipped a beat. The dialect is back at last, Baby!

Who knew Nelly Karim was a smoker?! (Image: Facebook)
11:46 GMT

The Egyptian star's fans are seriously concerned about their beloved actress's health after a Facebook pic revealed she's inclined to puff a few.

The bride-to-be and her Lebanese daddy, Ramzi Alamuddin.
11:23 GMT

As the buzz about the big day gets louder and more frenzied, rumors has it that George Clooney is getting on just fine with his future father-in-law Ramzi Alamuddin.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the films in the upcoming competition. (Image: Facebook)
09:24 GMT

Interestingly, 37 of the films selected for this year's ADFF Emirates Film Competition are directed by women!

Saleh is said to be recovering well in hospital following his heart surgery. (Image: Facebook)
08:26 GMT

Khaled Saleh's health is not as good as he'd like it to be, especially that he's in the ICU as we speak!

Egyptians are dominating the Arab Idol competition with their unique voices! (Image: Al Ahram)
08:14 GMT

A total of 26 contestants from 10 Arab countries will take part in the final showdown of Arab Idol, 9 of those are Egyptian!

The Arab Film Festival will kick off on Oct 10! (Image: Facebook)
07:56 GMT

If you're looking to showcase your independent film at the Arab Film Festival in California, then they're accepting submissions right now!

September 22, 2014

Ayman Zeidan is not convinced by his own performance in "The Neighborhood Gate". (Image: Facebook)
15:52 GMT

A guy's gotta what a guy's gotta do to pay the rent, and that's the only reason Aman took the job on "Bab Al Harah" (The Neighborhood Door).

Lady Gaga clearly loves her some Dubai fashion as seen in Brussels (Image: Instagram).
11:42 GMT

We can only give an "Applause" to the pop star for sporting a sassy number made in Dubai.

These are the faces of "Chaos, Disorder" that was screened this weekend. (Image: Facebook)
09:26 GMT

London got a taste of the Middle East cinema over the weekend as "Chaos, Disorder" was screened alongside a few other films from our region.

Amal and George will be tying the knot this weekend in Venice! (Image: Facebook)
08:55 GMT

George Clooney picks his wedding tux from luxury Italian brand Giorgio Armani for his upcoming Italian wedding to Amal Alamuddin.

Akon is coming to the UAE this week. (Image: Facebook)
08:32 GMT

He's a well known face around the UAE, and now the "Dangerous" singer is back in the city this week.