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March 13, 2014

Will Zeina finally get the DNA test results she's been long waiting for? (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:30 GMT

Ahmed Ezz is fighting tooth and nail to stay as far away from taking a paternity test for Zeina's twins as possible.

Nancy Ajram is able to pull of a bow tie. Can you? (Image: Instagram)
08:24 GMT

Check out the look Nancy Ajram says we should all try too.

Jenny Asper's red locks (Image courtesy of
08:18 GMT

Haifa Wehbe's hair has been catching her even more attention than usual. Is Jenny Asper aspiring for the same redhead stardom?

We hope to soon see these two on screen together.
07:00 GMT

A joint American Egyptian production is bringing two celebs under the same temple roof.

Ahlam posing with a Harrods doorman in London this week. (Image: Instagram)
05:00 GMT

Singer Ahlam is in London to start recording her new album at the Metropolis International Studio.

March 12, 2014

Bad boy Justin Bieber may no longer be Egypt bound in April (Image: Facebook)
13:45 GMT

After Al Ahram reported that Justin Bieber was Cairo bound in April, we wonder if his newly scheduled May 5 court date will mess with his Middle East plans. Here's why the "Baby" hitmaker will be busy about that time.

Boyzone is Dubai-bound, and don't you forget it! (Image: Facebook)
13:22 GMT

There aren't "Words" for the level of excitement the Irish boy band is stirring in Dubai right now.

Let's be for real, Rami Sabri's resemblance to Amr Diab is a little uncanny (Image: Facebook).
12:42 GMT

Rami Sabri assured viewers of the TV show "Biwodooh" (Clarity) that his uncanny resemblance to Amr Diab is mere coincidence.

The Cairo Jazz Festival is back for its 6th edition this March. (Image: Facebook)
12:19 GMT

The 6th edition of the Cairo Jazz Festival returns to host live and ‘beyond stage’ performances from local and international acts as well as workshops and masterclasses at multiple venues.

The festival kicks off with a bang (Image courtesy of Saudi Gazette/ Syeda Amtul)
12:17 GMT

For three weeks, 11 movies from 12 different Asian countries will be screened at eight venues in Jeddah. It's Asian movie marathon and mania going down in Saudi this month.

"Noah" is making waves all across the Middle East (Image: Film poster from Facebook)
11:51 GMT

With Al Azhar adamantly against the Biblical tale of "Noah" screening in Egyptian cinemas, some film makers are rocking the boat the other way.

The Fast & Furious cast will continue production with the help of UAE-based production company twofour54 intaj. (Image: Facebook)
10:15 GMT

The all-star cast of the Fast & the Furious films are heading back to Abu Dhabi to finish filming their movie scenes next month.

Can you imagine these ladies all conservative all of a sudden? (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:39 GMT

This year, three provocative actresses will put on the Islamic Hijab. What's the mystery behind this though?

Phosphine has become a YouTube and social media hit within Saudis and the Arab world. (Image: Albawaba edit)
08:46 GMT

Phosphine, a short film that was posted recently on YouTube, is topping over 3.5 million viewers and is quickly gaining popularity through WhatsApp and other social networking media.

Elham may be living a great life in reality, but in her new drama series she’s a woman living an emotional turmoil! (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Elham Shahin will be playing a dramatic emotional role this Ramadan.