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February 25, 2014

Asala advised men and women to declare their love to each other out in the open. (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:34 GMT

Asala Nasri loves to give us a piece of her mind. Now, she's dishing out some relationship advice based on the Ahmed Ezz-Zeina story!

Angelina Jolie speaking at a press conference in Lebanon (Screenshot of video footage from the conference)
09:55 GMT

Angelina Jolie kissed the country goodbye after spending three days in Lebanon, drawing attention to the Syrian refugee crisis by rubbing shoulders with Prime Minister Tammam Salam and President Michel Sleiman.

Vin Diesel and Katy Perry may share the same "xXx" screen.
08:40 GMT

With her very Cleopatra-like "Dark Horse" clip now in the books, pop star Katy Perry may be moving into the world of cinema, auditioning for a "xXx" role alongside Vin Diesel after he finishes up filming "Fast & Furious 7" in Abu Dhabi.

The beautiful get-up graced by Jennifer Lopez (Image courtesy of Fox)
05:00 GMT

Jennifer Lopez strutted her stuff on American Idol wearing a number designed by Dubai-based fashion designer Rami al-Ali, perhaps in honor of her upcoming UAE gig.

February 24, 2014

Hakim sings the theme tune of Haifa Wehbe's new movie "Halawet Rouh" (Sweetness of the Soul) and makes an appearance in it too! (Image: Facebook)
14:14 GMT

International folk singer Hakim sings the theme tune of Haifa Wehbe's new movie "Halawet Rouh" (Sweetness of the Soul) and makes an appearance in it too!

Carmen Suleiman is single and still smiling...for three years at least (Image: Facebook)
13:40 GMT

"Arab Idol" winner Carmen Suleiman says she wants to wait three years to say "I do" to a TBD hubby.

Photo of Eric Clapton performing taken by Danny Clinch, courtesy of Facebook.
13:30 GMT

After tickets sold out in just two hours for the "Layla" songster's Bahrain gig next month, disappointed fans are pleading for more space to be made available.

Somaya will now look much slimmer after her stomach-reduction surgery. (Image: Facebook)
13:09 GMT

Somaya al Khashab is looking slimmer than she has in a while, thanks to her stomach-reduction surgery!

"Pharrell Williams - Happy (WE ARE FROM AMMAN)" was posted to youtube on February 22, 2014. (Image snapshot from the music video)
12:59 GMT

American rapper Pharrell Williams' global hit "Happy" has inspired cover videos around the world, and now Amman, Jordan has gotten in the mood too.

Turns out Zeina and Ezz weren't officially married after all. (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:06 GMT

Zeina has finally admitted that she's no papers to prove her secret marriage to Ahmed Ezz, because it was all done orally!

American TV political drama “House of Cards” has gained major popularity in the Middle East. (Image: Facebook)
09:03 GMT

Kevin Spacey's political drama "House of Cards" is one of the highest-viewed shows of OSN in the Middle East.

The moment "Marwan" came out to his parents about his true sexuality. (Image: Facebook)
08:14 GMT

Director Hany Fawzi's film Asrar Aa'eleya (Family Secrets), anticipated for its focus on a homosexual protagonist, fails to deliver and portrays homosexuality in a bad light.

Miley Cyrus smacking one on Katy Perry's lips. (Image: Youtube snapshot)
08:14 GMT

In a surprising moment during a Miley Cyrus concert in Los Angeles on Saturday, the Bangerz songstress locked lips with Katy Perry, who released a music video for her hit song "Dark Horse" last week with a totally Ancient Egypt theme.

Dominique with her beautiful daughter Dilara. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Dominique Hourani had to give up custody of her only daughter in order to get divorced from her husband (and the father of their child) Riza!

February 23, 2014

If it seconds we want, it's Wafaa seconds we'll get this Ramadan (Image: Facebook)
12:34 GMT

Lucky us, we get to see her face on not one, but two shows this upcoming holy month.