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February 19, 2014

Look out Beliebers, Justin's coming to Egypt! (Image:
09:26 GMT

International pop star Justin Bieber announces upcoming concert on 25 April at Porto Cairo Mall.

Sabah didn't look too well as she rested in her hospital bed. (Image: www.Jordanzad)
08:50 GMT

Sabah is ill in hospital, is it serious or will she rise up and dance on stage at 86 again?

The Future Shorts Winter Season is upon us! (Image: Facebook)
07:30 GMT

This year’s Future Shorts Egypt winter season is upon as the festival returns at Vent in Downtown Cairo. The festival is Egypt’s first ‘pop-up’ film festival dedicated to short films, which are shown in one day with live music in between the films.

The very provocative Klink may appear on Playboy Magazine. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Klink has been contacted by US Playboy Magazine. We might see her as their new bunny soon!

February 18, 2014

Haifa was accused of copying Monica down to the last detail in her new movie. (Image: Alarabiya)
14:05 GMT

Haifa Wehbe's upcoming film trailer has been accused of being almost identical to Monica Bellucci's Martini Gold commercial.

Rasha is working on one Gulf and one Syrian TV drama series this year. (Image: Facebook)
13:25 GMT

Director Rasha Sharbatji is back in business and will be presenting us with two exciting projects this year.

Egyptian singer Eman El Bahr Darwish is over the moon after claiming back his title as Head of the Egyptian Musicians’ Union. (Image: Facebook)
11:51 GMT

Egyptian singer Eman El Bahr Darwish is over the moon after claiming back his title as Head of the Egyptian Musicians’ Union.

Dalia looked distraught at Farid's funeral. (Image:
11:05 GMT

Dalia Al Buhairi is heartbroken after finding out that her ex-husband had died in a horrific car accident on Monday.

Shatha in her beautiful gold dress during her Hala February performance. (Image: Facebook)
10:11 GMT

Shatha Hassoun had a lifelong dream and she made it come true this February.

Dina's servant robbed her from one million Egyptian Pounds on Valentine's Day. (Image: Facebook)
08:42 GMT

Egyptian bellydancer Dina may have had a sweet V Day, but she was in total shock the day after to find out that she's been robbed by someone closer to home than she thought!

Qasr al Hosn Festival is an annual historic and cultural celebration that will welcome thousands of visitors following its successful first edition last year. (Image:
08:12 GMT

Emirati–themed activities at 2014 Qasr al Hosn Festival areas have been announced. Festival experience areas will allow visitors to explore different aspects of Emirati history and culture through workshops, demonstrations and performances.

There's no doubt that Myriam will look magical as Tinker Bell next month. (Image: YAK Events)
07:42 GMT

A little magic is coming to the UAE this March, as Myriam Fares is set to play the role of Tinker Bell in Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story World Tour in Dubai.

The faces of the fabulous artists coming to the Bahrain stage this spring.
05:00 GMT

The 9th Spring of Culture Festival is bringing Bahrain both the "Layla" hit maker and "I Will Survive" songstress, along with many a talented artist from around the region and world.

February 17, 2014

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have a unique sense of style (Image: Facebook)
15:19 GMT

Will the UAE be able to handle the "Same Love" songsters? Well, ready or not, here they come on April 25.

Members of "The Lumineers" riding a camel in the UAE desert (Image: Instagram)
14:47 GMT

Away from the frenzy of UAE fans of the folk rock group, The Lumineers made their way through the Dubai desert atop a camel while in the region for their Valentine's Day performance at the RedFestDXB