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April 2, 2014

Helmy Bakr is known for his very short-lasting marriages. (Image: Facebook)
08:41 GMT

His marriage hasn't even hit its one-year mark, but Helmy Bakr has decided to divorce his 9th wife anyway!

Abdulrahman Mohammed jamming away (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

A song so epic, we wonder, could this be the greatest Arab song ever?

April 1, 2014

Cyrine has so much on her plate, she doesn't know what to do! (Image: Facebook)
18:00 GMT

Two shows, a film, and upcoming songs are filling Cyrine's slate to the max.

Nidal performing at the “Al-Wewiyyeh” play. (Image:
12:29 GMT

Lebanese theatrical artist Nidal Al Achkar will be participating in the “Gulf Medal in the Arts” Gala and making a single theatrical performance in “Al-Wewiyyeh” today.

Yummy tummy! One of the many sexy snapshots Adil posts of himself on Instagram. (Image: Instagram)
10:46 GMT

New kid on the block Adil Koukouh has become a sex symbol among Spain's teenage girls and women.

Will the next famed sign of this nature be that of Muscat? (Image:
10:28 GMT

The Sultanate has entered into a formal agreement with several Arab film organizations in a giant leap towards making Omani cinema a valuable resource hub.

Our fears were confirmed with the cancellation of Avicii's Dubai gig at Atlantis.
10:02 GMT

With Bahrain F1 fans likewise wiping their eyes with Fine, Avicii ticket holders in Dubai have something to cry about as the Swedish DJ needs more time to recover from getting his gall bladder taken out.

Aron has been very successful with audiences as a standup comedian in the US and around the Arab world. (Image: Facebook)
09:44 GMT

You'll be laughing your heads of at prominent Palestinian standup comedian Aron M Kader's performance next week in LA!

Angelina Jolie talking with Syrian refugee children (Image: screenshot from video posted on YouTube).
09:15 GMT

While the world attention span has gotten increasingly shorter, Angelina Jolie is pushing faces back towards the crisis in Syria.

This is one sweet stage experience Avicii fans at F1 won't experience. (Image: Facebook)
08:43 GMT

If you were hoping for a good "Wake Me Up" at the Bahrain F1 racetrack this weekend, you're in for disappointment. DJ Avicii had to ax his gig in light of gall bladder surgery.

"Wadjda" and her bicycle story has been making its way around the world. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

The Saudi film about a girl's mission to buy a bicycle is all yours for the screening free of charge in Dubai.

March 31, 2014

Hakim announcing his new TV show "Star of the People" with Al Mihwar TV. (Image :
12:00 GMT

Egyptian superstar Hakim will be presenting a new TV talent competition show with a twist this year.

A very Moroccan Marwan Khoury is coming our way soon! (Image: Facebook)
11:55 GMT

It's time to launch, y'all. The ever fashionable Marwan Khoury is gearing up for the his new album release.

Haifa Wehbe might just have to kiss these "Words on Paper" goodbye thanks to a misstep of the director. (Image: Facebook)
11:44 GMT

Haifa's "Words on Paper" director Mohammad Sami is facing possible jail sentence for forgery of official documents, meanwhile the film may be forced to stop.

We will see Laila returning to the small screen in a new drama series this Ramadan. (Image: Facebook)
10:53 GMT

Laila Elwi has finally said yes to returning to the small screen in a brand new drama this Ramadan.