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April 29, 2014

There's no doubt Majida's Cairo concert will be as successful as that of her Alexandria one. (Image: Facebook)
12:04 GMT

Following the success of her Alexandria concert several weeks ago, Majida El Roumi is back for another dose of Egypt in Cairo this May.

Samer Al Masri is running for President of Syria (Image: Facebook).
12:02 GMT

Syrian star Samer al Masri is on his way to Damascus to submit documents required to run in the Presidential elections against current President Bashar Al Assad and fellow candidate parliament member Maher Hajjar.

Will Amr get to film the "Abdel Aziz Street" sequel on time for Ramadan? (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:15 GMT

It's all about the timing for Amr Saad before the Ramadan TV drama season quickly hits our doorsteps in June!

A strong friendship bonds Tamer and Tarik together. (Image: Facebook)
08:23 GMT

Tarik Freitikh has released a statement explaining what's really behind the rumor about him, Tamer Hosny and that $150K!

Elham will continue filming her new drama throughout Ramadan. (Image: Facebook)
07:07 GMT

Elham Shahin has put away her running shoes as she decides not to take part in this year's Ramadan TV Drama Marathon!

April 28, 2014

Saad with some of the other finalists from The Voice Arabia. (Image: MBC)
14:37 GMT

Season 2 winner Sattar Sa’ad and seven finalists to meet fans at Oasis Centre.

May is now going to be an actress in her own right! (Image: Facebook)
13:40 GMT

Singer May Kassab will be starring in an Egyptian film this Ramadan.

So pretty: Sherihan looks gorgeous in her new photoshoot. (Image: Facebook)
13:06 GMT

Sherihan posed for a second photoshoot with Egyptian photographer Kareem Nour and she's looking better than ever!

Even her hair is looking like Haifa's! (Image: Facebook)
12:27 GMT

With a self-titled album in the works and a new film in the pipeline, Lebanese star Dominique Hourani is hoping her projects will bring her the same popularity her colleague can claim with the highly controversial “Halwet Rouh”.

The high life of Haifa Wehbe (Image: Facebook).
10:55 GMT

People always want what they can't have, which means bonus for piraters of Haifa Wehbe's Egypt-banned "Halawet Rouh".

The third Amman Jazz Festival opens on April 30 with the participation of 16 groups and more than 70 musicians. (Image: Facebook)
10:47 GMT

The Amman Jazz Festival is back this month with performances by local, regional and international musicians.

Donia Samir Ghanem has her game face (Image: Facebook).
09:54 GMT

Donia had taken a break from all her career related activities during the last months of her pregnancy to avoid making an appearance with a big belly, then continued to take it easy after giving birth, but now she's ready to swing into action again.

London will come alive with fun for the Arabs! (Image: Facebook)
09:10 GMT

August 12-14 will bring London's Arab population and guests the biggest entertainment show ever!

Lady Gaga does have a pretty good "Poker Face" (Image: Facebook).
08:44 GMT

There's no official announcement, but somebody has spilled the beans that Lady Gaga is likely to perform in the UAE on September 10.