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August 3, 2014

One of Haifa's famous daring pictures. (Image: Facebook)
12:52 GMT

Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe was so infuriated by some "rude" people on Instagram, that she's decided to delete her account altogether!

Gigi said that her and Cody "love each other to death" and are still best friends despite their break up! (Image: Facebook)
10:09 GMT

Sports Illustrated model Gigi Hadid opened up about her relationship split with Aussie singer Cody Simpson and life with her A-List buddies!

Music producer Brian Eno answers questions during a news conference in St. Petersburg November 29, 2010. (Image: Alexander Demianchuk/Reuters)
09:23 GMT

Musical artist Brian Eno writes a public letter to his American friends asking them to explain their country’s unconditional support for Israel after seeing a picture of a Palestinian man carrying the remains of his dead son in a plastic bag in Gaza.

Assi gave a 3000-strong crowd an evening to remember. (Image: The Independent)
09:01 GMT

As Syria's civil war rages across the border, Lebanon's Baalbek festival defies the bombs among the temples of the gods.

Saleh appeared in hundreds of plays and films since the 1960s, including numerous acclaimed roles alongside Egypt’s biggest stars. (Image: Facebook)
08:01 GMT

The entertainment world has lost one of its veteran actors on Friday: RIP Said Saleh.

Organised by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Art Centre, this 12th edition of the festival brings a large line-up of renowned Egyptian musicians and bands to Alexandria. (Image: Reuters)
07:37 GMT

Organised by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Art Centre, this 12th edition of the festival brings a large line-up of renowned Egyptian musicians and bands to the Mediterranean city from 6 August-2 September.

July 31, 2014

John tweeted, "So sick watching our Secretary of State have to grovel so hard to tell Israel how much he loves them while Israeli cabinet shits on him." (Image: Facebook)
11:04 GMT

John Legend received mixed reviews for his Israel-Gaza tweets this week.

Penelope demanded a stronger response by the European Union to stop the military operation that has so far killed more than 1,200 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. (Image: The Guardian)
10:40 GMT

Spanish superstars Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem Sign Open Letter Condemning Israel for Gaza 'Genocide.'

“My people resisted the wildness of the wind/defied fear and danger/they will leave and we will stay here/the land will remain ours,” Boutros sang. (Image: The Daily Star)
10:25 GMT

Lebanese singer Julia Boutros has once again raised her voice to the cause of the resistance, this time releasing a song addressing those fighting in Gaza.

Massive Attack accompanied their music with a captivating visual display tackling mass control and the ongoing Israeli siege of Gaza. (Image: The Daily Star/Press Photo Agency, handout)
10:12 GMT

British bans Massive Attack gave an outstanding performance in support of Palestine in Lebanon this week.

In Russell Brand’s latest episode of The Trews, the British comedian attacks Sean Hannity for his hypocrisy when it comes to the subject of Israel. (Image: YouTube)
10:00 GMT

British actor Russell Brand accuses FOX News anchor Sean Hannity of terrorism after aggressive Israel-Gaza debate.

July 30, 2014

Stills from Ramadan 2014 television series. From top left clockwise: Aad Tanazoli, El-Sabaa Wasaya, Segn Al-Nesa and Kalam Ala Waraq. (Image: YouTube)
07:30 GMT

Breaking social taboos almost seemed to be a priority for the creators of some Ramadan series this year.

Western Saharan singer Aziza Braheim performs at the ninth annual Hayy Festival in Cairo’s El-Geneina Theatre. (Image: Adham Youssef)
05:00 GMT

Ninth annual Hayy Festival shines light on promising and prominent Arab and African female singers.

July 29, 2014

The One Direction star, who was raised a Muslim, was bombarded with death threats and messages of complaint after he "did a Rihanna" and tweeted the hashtag to his 13million followers. (Image: Getty)
10:05 GMT

"One Direction" singer Zayn Malik has been heavily attacked by his Israeli fans after tweeting "#FreePalestine."

July 27, 2014

Fifi and her daughter Hanadi at the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. (Image: Facebook)
13:06 GMT

Fifi Abdo celebrated her daughter Hanadi's engagement party with a dance or two before heading to Saudi Arabia for Umra!