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February 13, 2014

Mohammad was escorted on his journey by his bodyguards in an UNRWA-owned white jeep. (Image: Facebook)
12:30 GMT

Mohammad Assaf is back in Palestine for two special reasons: to see his lovely family and to perform for his lovely fans on Valentine's Day!

Sneak peek at the six sexy reasons to be in Dubai this week (Image: Facebook)
12:13 GMT

Go to the Dubai Jazz Festival website right now, and you'll find why you wish you had a ticket to Dubai and a one-week hotel stay. For real.

Ahmed and Zeina will finally go head to head in court next month. (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:55 GMT

Next week, we will finally see Ahmed Ezz and Zeina in court to testify against one another. How many hearings before their baby drama is over?

Nicole Saba won't be keeping Tamer company in the US after all (Image: Facebook)
10:04 GMT

Just kidding, Nicole Saba will be left behind! After reporting that the starlet was to keep her "Yasin" co-star company abroad on his first US tour stop, we regret to announce that the celebress did not get the stamp of approval to enter the country.

Elissa on stage the Hala February Music Festival in Kuwait (Image: Facebook)
09:28 GMT

As the Lebanese superstar slipped into Kuwait, her she kept her nose up and her mouth closed, not taking time to greet the press awaiting her airport arrival for the Hala February Music Festival.

The Lebanese lush tied the knot to Egyptian businessman Waleed Mustafa in a beautiful Cyprus-bound ceremony last year. (Image: Facebook)
09:21 GMT

Now that Carole Samaha is married, she's passing on some marriage tips to her single fans, and marrying a man with experience is one of them!

Kids can win the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform on an arena stage in front of an audience of thousands. (Image: courtesy of Peter Pan show website)
05:00 GMT

Want to be part of the enchanting Peter Pan Dubai production this March? It's your opportunity to audition NOW!

February 12, 2014

Fares is confident that his song "Barbie" is going to be a smash hit. (Image: Facebook)
14:11 GMT

Fares Karam is releasing a new single, but will we love "Barbie" as much as we did "The Skirt"?

Nancy Ajram's sneak peak "Ma Tegy Hena" pic posted to Twitter.
13:26 GMT

Arabia's sweetheart songstress is ready to roll out a teaser for the song "Ma Tegy Hena" any minute now!

Hend Sabry appeared larger than usual in her latest public appearance and official photo wishing everyone a Happy New Year! (Image:
13:21 GMT

It's no big deal for women in real life, but gaining weight is proving to be a real problem for actress Hend Sabry.

Mahmoud Yasin is rumored to have Alzheimer's Disease, a claim he adamantly denies (Image courtesy of
12:48 GMT

Mahmoud Yasin is p-oed that some are suggesting memory loss disease Alzheimer's is the reason he has had to resign from his role alongside Adel Imam in the drama Sahib Al Saadah" (His Excellency).

Taim has just started filming scenes for his upcoming show "The Brothers." (Image: Facebook)
12:32 GMT

Syrian actor Taim Hasan talks "The Brothers," Syria and love.

Yara is on the move (Image: Facebook)
12:07 GMT

The official face of "Escada" perfume and singing sensation Yara will be rockin' it live at the Dubai Mall next week.

"Blue Jasmine" star Cate Blanchett at the Dubai International Film Festival where she served as a jury head (Image: Facebook)
11:27 GMT

Hollywood's hottest hit up a celebratory luncheon for the Oscar nominees. With three regional films on the nomination list, we wonder if anyone from our corner of the world was there too!

Don't you wish you could watch your fave show uninterrupted? Well, now you can go commercial-free with MBC's brand new channel "MBC Variety" for "My-HD" subscribers.
11:18 GMT

Don't you wish you could watch your fave show uninterrupted? Well, now you can go commercial-free with MBC's brand new channel "MBC Variety" for "My-HD" subscribers.