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March 22, 2014

Ramzi Yassa performing at the Cairo Opera House, during a special event commemorating Abdel-Moneim Kamel. 21 April 2013. (Image: Cairo Opera House)
05:00 GMT

Works by Chopin and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata are among highlights of an upcoming concert by internationally-acclaimed pianist Ramzi Yassa, Tuesday, 25 March.

March 21, 2014

Souad Massi will soon be taking the stage at the 13th Mawazine Festival in Morocco (Image: Facebook).
05:00 GMT

It'll be here sooner than we can say 13th Mawazine Festival - Rhythms of the World, and Souad Massi will be there!

March 20, 2014

Shatha attended the Style Star Search competition in Dubai last week. (Image: Facebook)
13:29 GMT

Shatha Hassoun attended the "Style Star Search" in Dubai last week, where she met with fans for some style tips and more.

The pic Assi Helani Tweeted for his daughter's sweet sixteen. (Image: Twitter)
11:41 GMT

He loves her, and he doesn't care who knows it! Assi Helani posts pic of his birthday girl to his social media sites.

Arab Idol hopefuls line up in Bahrain as the auditions begin (Image: Facebook).
11:28 GMT

Good ol' Ragheb Alama, Nancy Ajram and Ahlam, as well as producer Hassan El Shafei are back on the search to find diamonds in the rough. There current point of search is in Bahrain!

ABC Family brings the drama before the show even begins (Image: ABC Family logo)
11:09 GMT

A new US drama by ABC Family is in the works, the plot of which is upsetting to many peeps on Twitter.

Bassem Youssef is one of Al-Shorouk’s most prominent op-ed contributors and his weekly op-ed is published every Tuesday. (Image: Facebook)
11:04 GMT

Satirist Bassem Youssef is never too far from controversy; this time he's being accused of plagiarizing his latest op-ed for Al Shorouk newspaper.

George and Amal looked tanned and happy on their way out from a dinner date in NY. (Image: DailyMail)
09:54 GMT

Hollywood's heartthrob George Clooney and his alleged GF Amal Alamuddin have just returned from a hot vacation in Tanzania and the Seychelles.

Maha and her daughter Deema cut up a cake in celebration of Mother's Day. (Image: Paris Gallery)
08:14 GMT

Maha Al Masri & Deema Bayaa surprised their fans at Dubai and Sharjah's luxurious shopping destination Paris Gallery for a special Mother's Day celebration.

Faten Hamama shared her happiness over the current state of entertainment in Egypt.
05:00 GMT

In a rare public profile setting, Faten Hamama shared her excitement for the country's current entertainment scene on air the program "Al Ashirah Masa" (10PM).

March 19, 2014

"Wadjda" makes it way into the new art cinema house (Image: Facebook)
13:03 GMT

The first art house cinema in Egypt raises its curtain to the Saudi female directed film "Wadjda".

A very hipster looking Khaled Abol Naga (Image: Facebook).
12:34 GMT

Film festivals in Cannes, Venice, and Berlin are more important than American film awards, claims the Egyptian filmmaker, and here's why.

We would have never guessed that this is superstar Ragheb Alama!
12:14 GMT

A very special Arab superstar has posted a cute picture of him in the style of #ThrowbackThursday. Who's the mystery celeb?

"Noah" is making waves all across the Middle East (Image: Film poster from Facebook)
12:08 GMT

Countries like Tunisia, Morocco, and Lebanon are considering keeping the Biblical tale blockbuster from screening in theaters as others have already done.

Photo of a pensive Mick Jagger courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter via Mick's Facebook page and taken by  Joe Pugliese Photographs.
11:50 GMT

Still in a state of confusion and loss, the Rolling Stones rock star that recently held an Abu Dhabi gig pays tribute to the lady he lost soon after his return to the States.