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June 18, 2014

Samer is making a strong comeback in the hotly-anticipated film "A to B." (Image: Facebook)
12:17 GMT

Samer al Masri is making his comeback to film through the UAE-produced movie "A to B."

A scene from one of Adel's popular productions. (Image: Facebook)
11:40 GMT

Adel Imam gave strict orders to the buyers of his upcoming Drama, and they were happy to oblige!

Soundgarden is coming to Israel this week (Image: Facebook)
06:26 GMT

Thayil had just arrived in Istanbul where Soundgarden was launching its tour that brings them to the RockandRoller Festival on June 18 at Bloomfield Stadium in Jaffa with punk gypsies Gogol Bordello. But the guitarist behind some of the most enduring hard rock riffs seemed more interested in learning about the then-fresh Rolling Stones concert at Park Hayarkon earlier this month.

Sherine also shared her wish to be with a man. (Image: Facebook)
06:15 GMT

Egyptian superstar Sherine Abdel Wahab was held guest on the radio FM channel “Nujoom FM” with broadcaster Hind Rida Ali for the show “Eishha Bishikl Tani” (Live it a Different Way).

June 17, 2014

Were you as shocked as George Clooney's cousin when he proposed our region's beloved Amal Alamuddin?
16:33 GMT

We didn't see this one coming! George Clooney's cuz Miguel Ferrer says his family were all "surprised" when they found out he had popped the question Amal Alamuddin.

Mostafa is upset over his show's producer's lack of attention! (Image: Facebook)
12:09 GMT

Mostafa Shaban is totes unhappy with the producer of his new drama "Amrad Nisa'iyah" (Women's Illnesses). But, why?

Queen Theatre in London. (Image: Google)
11:26 GMT

Laila Soliman takes part in the London International Festival of Theatre's After A War programme, which brings together 20 international artists to review the ramifications of World War I.

Hani on his hospital bed before the surgery! (Image: Facebook)
10:27 GMT

Hani Shaker was still able to perform in Cairo this week despite pain from his recent back surgery!

Will Asala be returning to Cairo or has she moved to Dubai for good? (Image: Facebook)
09:43 GMT

Rumor has it that Asala is leaving Cairo for her new home in Dubai!

A still from the video of the Lebanese students celebrating to Hussain's hit single. (Image: YouTube)
08:57 GMT

A group of Lebanese students posted their own version dancing to Hussain al Jasmi's "Bushret Khair"!

The brilliant and beloved Kasem has sadly passed away on Sunday. (Image: Facebook)
08:14 GMT

Casey Kasem, king of the Top 40 countdown, has passed away on Sunday.

Jenny Asper sweet new cell phone (Image: Twitter).
07:00 GMT

Ahlam, Salma Rashid, and now Jenny Asper are flashing off their glittery gold phones.

Will Bassem Youssef be coming back to MBC? (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

After kicking him off the channel in the past after political tensions arose, Bassem Youssef is slated to be back on the air this Eid Al Fitr.

June 16, 2014

"For the first time in history we're in Tel Aviv, Israel. Playing at #rocknroller2014 festival tomorrow," the band Facebooked.
22:42 GMT

Brotherly love conquers the "creative differences" between Pelle Almqvist and Nicholaus Arson of Swedish garage rock revivalists The Hives, who are slated to perform in Tel Aviv this week.

Victoria Bonya getting her Inglot on at an event back in October (Image: Facebook).
17:52 GMT

With sweltering summer temperatures making most folks drop with sweat, Russian supermodel Victoria Bonya still smiles brightly after she smoked the camera screens in an outdoor UAE photo shoot for Polish makeup company Inglot.