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April 23, 2014

Ryan Lewis has launched the 30/30 Project to provide access to affordable healthcare across the globe just before he travels the world himself, making his way to the UAE this weekend (Image: Facebook).
10:57 GMT

He's coming our way this weekend, but before UAE fans can fully celebrate, Ryan Lewis bore some bad news.

The Institut Français in Jordan is collaborating with the Royal Film Commission-Jordan to bring together the Jordanian Short Film Competition. (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:37 GMT

Jordanian filmmakers are now invited to submit their work for the Jordanian Short Film Competition.

Assi was able to handle himself quite well on "The Accused." (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:13 GMT

Assi Helani was this week's guest on "The Accused" but he had nothing bad to say about anyone!

Emad Hamdy (left), Ashraf Sharara and Eman Samy (right). (Image: The International Music Centre's promotional material)
07:15 GMT

The monthly concert of the International Music Centre will present three Egyptian musicians on Sunday 27 April.

George Clooney is falling hard for Amal Alamuddin!
05:00 GMT

At last George Clooney's love has come along it appears! Friends of the "Gravity" star say he's ready to settle down with Lebanese lady Amal Alamaddin.

April 22, 2014

Najwa Fouad takes back high praise of Haifa and supports ban of her film (Image: Facbook).
15:11 GMT

In a confusing twist, "Halawit Rouh" guest of honor Najwa Fouad is in full support of the Egyptian government's ban of the film.

Posing for a selfie at his Ras Sadr concert (Image: Facebook).
15:02 GMT

Keepin' it real at his Ras Sadr city concert, Mohammad Hamaki took selfies with fans and asked for favors from the crowd.

Get your "Love Melody 10" on! (Image used for illustrative purposes only)
14:29 GMT

With his new album "Love Melody 10" just out, the Iranian composer is already working on another project that combines Iranian and western music.

Wael claims his prize - $5000 - which he has given to the charity "Educate Me." (Image: Facebook)
13:41 GMT

The first episode of “Sheklak Mesh Ghareeb” (Your Face Sounds Familiar) was a humorous and exciting one to watch!

Marwa is here to make some more music, y'all! (Image: Facebook)
12:46 GMT

It's spring time in Egypt, and the music biz is bustling as Lebanese singer Marwa made her way into the concert season lineup.

Sisi has the support of Ghada and her hubby Fouda. (Image: Albawaba edit)
08:50 GMT

Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek joined her hubby Mohammad Fouda in to a Sisi-campaign event this week.

How will Ahlam respond to Duraid's hurtful comments about her? (Image: Albawaba edit)
08:26 GMT

Syrian superstar Duraid Lahham attacked Ahlam on Facebook yesterday, and he had absolutely nothing pretty to say about her!

Michelle enjoyed watching a game of beach polo in beautiful Dubai. (Image: Gulf News)
07:51 GMT

Michelle Rodriguez headed to Dubai for a game of beach polo where she expressed her opinion on the beautiful city.

It came as a shock but Mounir has finally gotten hitched! (Image: Facebook)
07:25 GMT

Yes. It's shocking but true: Mohamed Mounir has tied the knot!

Karim and Haifa on the set of their movie "Beauty of the Soul." (Image: Al Rai Media)
05:00 GMT

Kareem Al Banoodi, who starred alongside Haifa Wehbe in her latest film "Halawet Rouh" (Beauty of the Soul), was assaulted for his role in the film.