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February 5, 2014

Deceased actor Paul Walker has left his 15-year-old daughter quite the sum of cash. (Image: Facebook)
12:04 GMT

The 15-year-old daughter of late actor Paul Walker is the sole heiress of the Fast & Furious star's estate after he passed away in a car crash shortly before he was scheduled to film the 7th sequel in Abu Dhabi.

Opening ceremony of 2nd Luxor African Film Festival. (Image: Luxor African Film Festival)
11:56 GMT

The third edition of the Luxor African Film Festival will run from 18 to 24 March, featuring films from 41 African countries.

Jenny is taking on a new acting challenge  in "Gates of the Wind." (Image: Facebook)
09:37 GMT

Jenny Asper is going back in time in her latest TV drama series “Abwab Al Reeh” (Gates of the Wind).

Shamma Hamdan and Diana Karazon will be joining thousands of people at the seventh Wheels ‘n’ Heels Family Fun Day in Doha this Friday. (Image: Gulf Times)
08:39 GMT

This Friday is a happy day because a host of celebs from all over the Arab world will be taking part in Doha's Wheels ‘n’ Heels Family Fun Day.

George Wassouf is back on the screen again! (Image: Youtube)
05:00 GMT

Down for the count for awhile due to his health, good ol' George gaining strength and getting in the groove of television once more.

February 4, 2014

Famed actress Zizi Al Badrawy has passed away.
14:34 GMT

It's a sad farewell to 85-year-old performer Zizi Al Badrawy who passed away last week in Egypt. A number of celebrities gathered at the funeral to pay their respects.

Myriam Klink says that she's obviously prettier than Haifa Wehbe! (Image: Facebook)
12:16 GMT

Myriam Klink took "honesty is the best policy" a bit too seriously this week after announcing that she's way prettier than Haifa Wehbe!

Ahmed Ezz has hired lawyer Murtada Mansour to represent his case against Zeina. (Image: Albawaba edit)
11:41 GMT

Ahmed Ezz has taken a step towards solving his ongoing drama with Zeina, by finally hiring a lawyer to deal with the lawsuit filed against him.

The revealing pic that caused a FB madness for the starlet. (Image: Facebook)
11:15 GMT

Myriam Klink posts yet another attention-seeking pic of herself on Facebook. Yawn!

Shatha said that she’s specifically looking for a dress from Dior, Valentino, Marchesa and Alberta Ferretti. (Image: Facebook)
10:15 GMT

Shatha Hassoun headed to London today to find the perfect dress for her upcoming performance at the Hala February Festival in Kuwait.

Waters fired a fierce attack on Johansson for stepping down as a global Oxfam ambassador in favor of Israeli brand SodaStream. (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:30 GMT

Scarlett Johansson was fiercely criticized by Pink Floyd's Roger Waters on Saturday for her decision to support the Israeli brand SodaStream.

Egyptian filmmaker Sameh El-Tawil's short "Clockwise" (Image courtesy of
09:25 GMT

Egyptian-made short film "Clockwise" will be premiering at Munich's Academy of Fine Arts on Wednesday, February 5.

Asala Nasri and Safa Sultan
09:19 GMT

Asala Nasri is suddenly becoming a negative connotation for Syrian stars. Due to the "Soula" TV show host's anti-Assad stance, any celebrity appearing on her show is deemed a traitor by his supporters.

TV host Mahmoud Saad is currently in the ICU at a London hospital after undergoing a critical spinal surgery. (Image: Facebook)
08:29 GMT

Journalist and TV host Mahmoud Saad is in critical condition at a London ICU right now.

Thanks for the love Israel!
05:00 GMT

International charity Oxfam may no longer be a fan of SodaStream promoting actress Scarlett Johansson, but she's made some new friends in the Israeli embassy to the US.