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December 24, 2013

Khaled Al Nabawi's lookin' slick and is ready to roll film for his new project. (Image: Facebook)
05:55 GMT

The Egyptian actor has strived hard to obtain the look of the late scholar Mustafa Mahmoud for his newest film, but the cameras still aren't rolling. Khaled explains why.

December 23, 2013

Najwa Karam battling it out with Melhem Barakat
09:27 GMT

Lawsuits, threats, and major drama allegedly encircle Melhem Barakat, Najwa Karam, and her brother!

Dounia feeding cake to her new man on their wedding day. (Image: Facebook)
09:11 GMT

Season one Arab Idol star Dounia Batma made one Bahraini dude a lucky man. Not only did he gain a second wife, but she's a celebrity songstress to boot!

Fifi Abdo in her little black dress with no questions addressed! (Image: Facebook)
08:48 GMT

Belly Dancin' Fifi Abdo aired a promo for her new program on MBC Egypt that left viewers more confused than informed. The only thing the starlet exposed was her cleavage!

The image Vin Diesel Facebooked, claiming it was the last scene he filmed with his late co-star. (Image: Facebook)
08:27 GMT

Vin Diesel spilled the deets we've been waiting for....We now know the new date Fast and Furious 7 is scheduled to be released.

Nancy Ajram tops the list of exciting performances scheduled in Dubai next year!
07:53 GMT

With 150 attractions on the calendar for Dubai's Shopping Festival 2014, Nancy Ajram tops the list of most anticipated performance.

Silicon figures of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise surround the tables of "Taste of Fame" in Dubai (Image courtesy of UK
07:03 GMT

They may not be present in flesh and blood, but you can still enjoy traditional cuisine in the presence of silicon figures of A-list actors at "Taste of Fame", one of many divine dining locations in Dubai this holiday season.

December 22, 2013

Ghada got the part, Cyrine struck out for "First Lady" role
19:44 GMT

Looks like somebody (ahem, Ghada Abdel Razek's husband) used his power of influence to get his wifey a part originally nominated for by Cyrine Abdel Nour!

Shatha Hassoun and Maya Diab dive into the world of reality shows.
16:25 GMT

The sassy starlets soon to be added to the list of the region's reality stars are Maya Diab and Shatha Hassoun.

Christmas concerts, film screenings, and much more to do this week in Egypt!
08:16 GMT

Get your Christmas spirit on with concerts galore, including the famous Nutcracker ballet, or enjoy a multitude of other magnificently fun things to do in Cairo or Alexandria this week!

Fares fixed his eyes on Walid to direct his clip, kicks Joe Bu Eid out!
07:46 GMT

Lebanese singer Fares Karam is transforming his latest hit "Daddy" into a music video. It was originally going to be directed by Joe Bu Eid, but Fares swapped him out for Walid Nasif last minute. What gives with the switcheroo?

Basma is a big fan of Nancy Ajram
07:19 GMT

Who doesn't have a girl crush on Arabia's sweetheart songstress? Nancy Ajram even receives the admiration of her fellow celebs and their spouses!

Palestinian film "Omar" was nominated for an Oscar on Friday, while fellow Palestinian production "Palestine Stereo" wasn't. (Image: Facebook)
07:06 GMT

A Palestinian film has been shortlisted for a best foreign language Oscar on Friday.

Haifa plays a 'slave widow' in her upcoming film "Goodness of the Soul." (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

We finally know some more details about Haifa Wehbe’s highly-anticipated upcoming film “Halawit Rouh” (Goodness of the Soul).

December 21, 2013

Shrek 4D in theaters in the US. (Image:
04:00 GMT

Prepare for 4D experience coming to a theatre near you in the UAE.