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January 26, 2014

Do you think Elissa and Wael are really having an affair? (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:40 GMT

Wael Kfoury posted a short poem for Elissa; is it love or are they just recording a duet together?

Hind Sabri plays a beautiful coptic bride in her "La Mu'akhatha" (Excuse My French) cameo appearance. (Image courtesy of
09:36 GMT

As if we needed another excuse to go see the controversial film "La Mu'akhatha" (Excuse My French), knowing that Hind Sabri plays a Coptic bride in one scene makes us even more pumped to watch the show revealing the extent of religious discrimination in Egypt.

Suad Abdullah takes on another unique challenge in "Thuraya". (Image: Facebook)
09:10 GMT

After describing her other Ramadan 2014 show "Al Wajiha" as a game changer for her career because of the uniqueness of her character, the project she's currently filming, "Thuraya", is also said to be different than any other she's tackled in the past.

Haifa was accused of being overly sexual in her latest film "Rouh's Beauty." (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:01 GMT

Haifa Wehbe's latest movie "Rouh's Beauty" has finally been allowed to hit the silver screen.

Fares Karam snapping a quick one with show host Asala Nasri. (Image: Facebook)
08:50 GMT

All the guests bust a move to the tunes of Fares Karam on an upcoming episode of Asala Nasri's show "Soula". Watch it, and you might be shaking your groove thing too!

Nour has finally quit smoking for the sake of much better health. (Image:
08:05 GMT

Nour El Sherif is a very brave man; he quit smoking cold turkey and is now recovering from a medical trip to London.

Get ready to get crunk with "Quit Together" and many more starting on January 30 through February 2.
08:00 GMT

Music lovers and joyride seekers, head out to Sinai's Nuweiba this weekend for an independent music experience in Bug Dune.

"Hareem Al Sultan", one of many popular Turkish soap operas that are taking over.
07:00 GMT

After receiving raging success across the Middle East, Turkish soap operas are finding fame and fortune beyond the region in places like China, Russia, and more.

A young and youthful Randa plays the role of an unhappy woman because she's married to a much older man. (Image: Laha Magazine)
05:00 GMT

Randa Al Buhairi is starring in a new film where she bags herself a much older man, but it isn't all roses and butterflies!

January 25, 2014

Contestants are welcomed to showcase their talents and compete on Jordan Star. (Image: /facebook)
17:45 GMT

If you have a specific talent and would like to share it with the world, or if you like watching other people's talents, then Jordan Star is the new show to look out for.

Arms crossed, game face on, and Karim Abdel Aziz is determined to get the filming finished at last for "Blue Elephant". (Image: Facebook)
09:00 GMT

All that crazy snow and bad weather kept Karim Abdel Aziz from finishing his current film "The Blue Elephant" in time for its scheduled release during the winter vacation, but there's only one scene left now to do before producers can call it a wrap.

January 24, 2014

Elissa was supposedly getting married to a multimillionaire this year! (Image: Facebook)
05:30 GMT

So Elissa is not getting married this year after all. Damn!

Globe trotting Basem Yakhour is heading back to his roots for an upcoming drama. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Well, hello hometown! Syrian star Basem Yakhour is making his way back to his country's capital city to take part in the new drama "Al Dumari".

January 23, 2014

Asala's show "Soula" is doing fabulously well with celebs in the Arab world. (Image: Facebook)
12:12 GMT

One lucky Arab singer got paid a whopping $150 thousand to appear on Asala's TV show "Soula."

Ahlam seemed to have had a great time appearing on Asala's show "Soula." (Image: Albawaba edit)
11:38 GMT

Asala and Ahlam were busy on Tuesday night as they hit the studio together to film an episode of Asala's TV show "Soula."