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December 17, 2013

Syrian actress Karis Bashar is the last actress to join the “Bab El Harah” (The Neighborhood Door) cast, which is preparing to film its final two ever seasons. (Image: Facebook)
08:59 GMT

Actress Karis Bashar is joining the Syrian drama everyone can't miss. "Bab El Harah" (The Neighborhood Door), here she comes!

May Kassab tried to catch the thief who stole her handbag in Cairo but to no avail. (Image: Facebook)
07:54 GMT

There's not a worse feeling than getting mugged, and that's just what happened to poor May Kassab in Cairo!

Adriana Lima posing in the desert of Dubai before her Mall of the Emirates autograph signing. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

With a beautiful Brazilian body like that, it's hard to imagine Adriana Lima as anything remotely like a grandmother, but Victoria Secret's longest-serving Angel, who is hitting up Dubai this week, joked that she feels protective over the younger models.

December 16, 2013

Adriana Lima on a visit to the desert in Dubai on Sunday. (Image: Facebook)
13:43 GMT

Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima became the first Angel to promote the US brand's lingerie in Dubai.

Is Donia Samir Ghanem a more current singer than Angham? (Image: Albawaba edit)
13:15 GMT

We know Angham for the prestigious singer she is, and Donia Samir Ghanem for her highly successful attempt at singing for the first time. But, who do we crown as the singer on top?

Ghada has such a provocative image in TV and film, but will she come off as not seductive in "Jarsunirah?" (Image: Facebook)
11:45 GMT

Hani Jarjis' new film "Jarsunirah" promises an original plot and a non-seductive Ghada Abdel Razek. Could it be true?

Black Sabbath ready to throw it down in Abu Dhabi next year!
11:32 GMT

The month of May, 2014 will bring us more than warmer weather to get excited about if you're heavy metal maniac! Black Sabbath, the band headed by reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne, have a May 29th concert scheduled to rock our socks off!

"Touq Al Banat" (The Girls Necklace) stars Suzan Najm Al Din. (Image: Facebook)
11:01 GMT

Set in the era of the French occupation of Syria, "Touq Al Banat" (The Girls Necklace) stars Suzan Najm Al Din as a diplomatic French woman.

Is Dina Fouad Bermuda Triangle bound? Yes or no? (Image: Facebook)
10:35 GMT

She's a woman who generally knows what she wants, but when it comes to deciding whether to star in "The Bermuda Triangle", she's holding out to see who else will join the cast of characters first.

Now that Haifa has completed shooting her movie in Cairo, she'll be heading to Beirut to begin working on a new project whose cast Ghada Abdel Razek worked with last Ramadan. (Image: Facebook)
10:08 GMT

Haifa Wehbe has just completed filming scenes for her new movie in Cairo, but she's taking no time off to relax and is headed straight to Beirut for more work.

Carole Samaha posing backstage with Dancing With the Stars show host Wissam Breidy (Image: Twitter)
09:19 GMT

Newlywed songstress Carole Samaha has proved she's definitely fully recovered from her serious injury as she grooved her way across the dance floor, singing up a storm, on set the Dancing With The Stars television show.

Up for auction was a portrait of Longoria, painted as guests ate their starter of burrata cheese with honey and truffle, which went for $40,000. (Image: Facebook)
08:50 GMT

Eva Longoria hosted a charity gala in Dubai to fundraise money for women and children in need.

December 15, 2013

The late Peter O'Toole shot to fame as T.E. Lawrence in the brilliant film "Lawrence of Arabia." (Image: Facebook)
20:32 GMT

Oscar-nominated actor Peter O’Toole has passed away on Saturday.

Myriam Fares performing at the OTV awards (Image: Instagram)
11:57 GMT

Best performer and best music video were the nominations received by ostentatious celebrity Myriam Fares at the OTV music awards.

RIP: Saber was by his father's side at the time of his death. (Image: Facebook)
11:22 GMT

Saber Rebai is mourning the sad death of his father after a long battle with cancer.