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December 12, 2013

Wafa Amer is returning to TV in a new series next Ramadan. (Image: Facebook)
09:37 GMT

It's a little early in the day to be thinking of the Muslim holy month... But, if you've missed the fabulous Egyptian actress Wafa Amer, then you're in for a treat! She's back next Ramadan in yet another brilliant production.

Shabola is back at the recording studio and he's calling on Egyptian people to vote for the new amended constitution. (Image: Facebook)
08:31 GMT

After mourning the death of his wife last week, Shaaban Abdel Rahim is back at the studio with a new political song.

Paul Walker is loved and remembered by many, but his funeral attenders will be few. (Image: Facebook)
07:47 GMT

With filming in Abu Dhabi slowing down for Fast & Furious 7 slowing down, many of the film's stars will be attending the invite-only funeral for Paul Walker.

One of the looks Carmen sports in her new video. (Image: Facebook)
07:36 GMT

Arab Idol's Carmen Suleiman and the legendary Mohammad Abdo have collaborated together in her latest music video.

Martin Sheen In Conversation on December 8, 2013 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for DIFF)
06:31 GMT

While in the emirate, Martin Sheen sat down to share about about fatherhood and how the Syrian conflict has devastated him.

Some of the acts performing during the Christmas period in Cairo and Alexandria. (Image:
06:13 GMT

Cairo and Alexandria put on a festive mood as Christmas quickly approaches, with holiday performances by many renowned soloists, choirs, and orchestras, plus The Nutcracker.

Khaled Youssef has been getting slammed from the celebrity realm, but not from Elham, she says.
04:00 GMT

Khaled Youssef has been feeling some celebrity heat these days for his political stances, but fellow Egyptian Elham Shahin assures she's not a part of the drama.

December 11, 2013

Rania Youssef gets her good looks with a little help from the surgeon! (Image: Facebook)
14:31 GMT

Controversial actress Rania Youssef has revealed quite a bit about her hubby's identity and what makes her look so fabulous.

Sex kitten Haifa wants to try to make her rape film scene non-provocative. (Image: Facebook)
12:31 GMT

Singer-turned-actress Haifa Wehbe is starring in a new film which requires her to deliver a sensitive rape scene. Will she be able to ace it?

Elissa and Carole Samaha are all smiles here, but what it's like off camera?
11:55 GMT

Carole Samaha and Elissa have worked together closely on the judging panel of X Factor Arabia, but the two haven't been seen together in quite some time. Carole claims it has nothing to do with being at odds.

Although Fifi isn't looking to make any profit out of her business venture, she's still hoping that her TV channel will be a big hit with viewers. (Image: Facebook)
10:49 GMT

Fifi Abdo has the skills to dance and set up a business too! The belly dancing legend is launching her own TV channel soon! Tune in and oggle!

Ali Jaber and Nancy Ajram will be judging the KidsTalent competition in Abu Dhabi. (Image: AlBawaba edit)
09:32 GMT

Arab Idol judge and kids' fave Nancy Ajram and Arabs Got Talent’s Ali Jaber will judge the finals of KidsTalent in Abu Dhabi.

Horeyah Farghaly is bringin' the action again!
08:57 GMT

Hot Egyptian actress Horeyah Farghaly is bringing the action once again as the tapes are rolling for the new film “Salim Abu Ukhtuh”.

Paul Walker passed away in a Porsche crash. Two young men allegedly stole parts of the car and now face felony.
08:21 GMT

Fast & Furious star Paul Walker was bound for Abu Dhabi next month to film the 7th edition of the series when he tragically died in a car accident. Now two young men who allegedly stole parts of the crashed Porsche are facing a felony.

Will Tamer Hosny be returning to Mazzika?
08:04 GMT

After surprising fans by showing up and singing at a wedding, many are wondering if Tamer Hosny's partnership with "Mazzika Music Production" will rise again.