Movie Reviews

December 11, 2013

Sex kitten Haifa wants to try to make her rape film scene non-provocative. (Image: Facebook)
12:31 GMT

Singer-turned-actress Haifa Wehbe is starring in a new film which requires her to deliver a sensitive rape scene. Will she be able to ace it?

Horeyah Farghaly is bringin' the action again!
08:57 GMT

Hot Egyptian actress Horeyah Farghaly is bringing the action once again as the tapes are rolling for the new film “Salim Abu Ukhtuh”.

December 9, 2013

Hottie Tamer Hosny has asked Shery Adel to join his all-star cast.
09:27 GMT

Tamer Hosny's lips are sealed when it comes to the top secret plans of his Ramadan 2014 television show "Yasin", but he has announced that Shery Adel has been added to the cast of the upcoming drama.

December 8, 2013

Waleed Al Shehhi wins IWC Filmmaker award.
13:26 GMT

Amidst a celebrity-studded event, "Dolphins" filmmaker Waleed Al Shehhi makes it big at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF).

December 6, 2013

Screenshot from the documentary.
04:00 GMT

The documentary following politically diverse Egyptian revolutionaries is on the short list for next year's Oscar's with tall hopes of snatching the award.

December 5, 2013

Cyrine Abdelnour in a scene with Khaled Al Nabawi from their film "The Traveller." (Image: YouTube still)
09:12 GMT

Egyptian actor Khaled Al Nabawi is doing super well for himself in Hollywood! Now, he's got a new movie out, but the reviews are mixed. American wannabe, or aspiring Middle Eastern actor - you decide!

December 4, 2013

Still from Sondos Shabayek's 'El Bent'. (Image:
11:54 GMT

Five short films by young Egyptian directors were produced by Misr International Films and screened at the Panorama festival.

December 3, 2013

Nicole Saba will co-star with Tamer Hosny in upcoming drama. (Image: Twitter)
07:41 GMT

Just after drama circled round whom would take the slot next to Tamer Hosny in his upcoming drama, Nicole Saba slid in and signed the deal!

Fast & Furious filming will likely slow down after Paul Walker's death. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

With the cast in a state of shock and grief, the Emirate shoot of Fast & Furious 7 is likely to be delayed.

December 2, 2013

BeBe is making it big! (Image: Facebook)
09:08 GMT

Oh "Bebe", "Bebe"! The new film directed by Ellie Habeeb attracted over 20 thousand peeps in its first four days at the cinema house.

Nicole Kidman is the only Australian to win an Oscar for Best Actress, according to her official website. (Image: Facebook)
06:04 GMT

A-lister Nicole Kidman will be jetting off to the Jordanian desert soon to film scenes for her upcoming movie "Queen of the Desert."

November 26, 2013

The hilarious Adel Imam will be recognized for his contributions to film in November. (Image: Albawaba edit)
12:26 GMT

One of the funniest men in Egyptian film, Adel Imam, will be receiving recognition for his contributions to cinema at the Marrakech Film Festival 2013.

The official poster for the controversial film "Family Secrets." (Image: Facebook)
11:11 GMT

A new movie tackling homosexuality in the Middle East is soon to be released. Inside, is more about the film and a look at its trailer.

Suha Araj on set one of her films. (Image: Facebook)
07:14 GMT

Addressing a subject matter formerly off limits in Arab circles, Palestinian American filmmaker Suha Araj surprisingly made the audience bust up laughing with her latest short "The Cup Reader" in DC.

November 25, 2013

Hany Abu-Assad directs "Omar", the curtain-raiser for DIFF (Image: Facebook)
06:02 GMT

The star-studded festival is ready for take off with a total of 147 feature films from around the world! "Omar" by Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe winning Palestinian Director Hany Abu Assad will raise the curtain on the decennial edition on Friday, 6th December.