Movie Reviews

July 22, 2013

Rania Youssef is more than worn out!
09:33 GMT

It may not be funny but it’s certainly ironic that Rania Youssef is suffering complete exhaustion after commuting to film sets all around Egypt that include the words ‘Flames’ and ‘Heat Wave’ in the titles.

July 21, 2013

Ghada Abdel Raziq's none too happy about the changes made to her show.
11:12 GMT

The Holy month can’t handle all the provocative parts in the TV drama ‘Hekayat Hayat’, starring Ghada Abdel Raziq, so some channels are making some cuts.

July 16, 2013

Coming soon: Fast & Furious 7. (Image: Facebook)
15:03 GMT

'Fast & Furious' fans, get ready 'cause the seventh film's movie auditions are coming to Dubai!

Qamar wonders if she'll have better success on stage than on the screen this year.
11:45 GMT

After two major let downs in film and television, Lebanese actress Qamar takes her talent to the stage in the new Egyptian play "Inheritance".

Brett Weer stars in 'My American Neighbor' alongside Natheer Khawaldeh and Fares Hadadeen (Image: Facebook)
09:48 GMT

Our in-house American writer and comedian, Brett Weer, has a blast living life here with Arabs and has used his personal cultural mishaps and jokes as inspiration for his starring role in a new comedy series 'My American Neighbor' on Ro'ya TV through Ramadan.

July 15, 2013

TV presenter Wafa Kilani explains why the new show won't be in the Ramadan lineup. (Image: Facebook)
11:28 GMT

No need to open a can of worms that's already been emptied. The new show "Qasr Al Kalam" (Palace of Discussion) was sadly canceled from the Ramadan lineup because the results of the revolution made it obsolete.

Ramadan dramas that have made the cut
09:58 GMT

Here's a rundown of some of this year's most outrageous Ramadan TV dramas.

Ola Ghanem's sexy and she knows it this Ramadan!
07:23 GMT

Is Ola Ghanem's Ramadan movie poster for real? The promo piece shows a little too much skin for some, especially when it's screening will be on Eid El Fitr.

July 14, 2013

Rania Youssef spices things up (Image: Facebook)
13:00 GMT

Is Rania Youssef’s Ramadan role in "Majwa Harrah" (Hot Front) totes inapprope for the holy month? You be the judge.

'Halima Bond' will now be on demand!
08:47 GMT

It's days like this that we just want to hug and squeeze Arabic media giant, Rotana. They've just announced that their movies and shows like 'Halima Bond' game show are only a click away with a new, free video-on-demand service.

Durra is daring when she wants to be
08:24 GMT

Tough girl, Tunisian actress Durra hit up the new Ramadan show "Huwa...Hiah wa Al Jarieah" (Him...Her and the Daring One) and admitted to being bold on screen, but chill on the home scene.

Even Ola Ghanem's getting serious
05:00 GMT

Since politics plays into nearly every aspect of life, the drama going down in Egypt isn't limited to the streets. The Ramadan dramas have a serious political overtone this year.

July 10, 2013

Khaled Youssef filming all the action (Image: Facebook)
10:19 GMT

Controversial director Khaled Youssef is back at his filming best. He took to the plane to record the happenin's of Tahrir Square and beyond!

July 9, 2013

Mustafa Al Khani is taking on quite a feat with three dramas in one year! (Image: Facebook)
13:49 GMT

Syrian actor Mustafa Al Khani breaks his tradition of one drama per year with three shows set for the screen!

Actress Reem Abdullah acting away. (Image: Facebook)
08:29 GMT

While most Arab actresses will be appearing in dramas this Ramadan, Saudi actress Reem Abdullah has chosen to go the other way.