Movie Reviews

May 2, 2013

Hani looks us in the eyes and tell us the truth: he's not on Facebook.
07:49 GMT

Be not deceived – Hani Salama is not on Facebook, or Twitter, or pretty much the internet, so don’t believe what you read.

May 1, 2013

Abdel Rahman said that following two nights of the show, it was brought to the attention of Islamist figures that the play was critical of them, "which led them to threaten to stop the show and destroy the theatre."
06:41 GMT

Theatre official says that after threats of violence from Islamists, the authorities have decided to relocate 'Diwan Al-Baqar' (Salon of the Crows).

April 30, 2013

She's "Kinda" excited too!
10:17 GMT

Kinda Alloush returns to the big screen with a leading role in "Excusable".

Feisty Egyptian actress Nadia Al Jundi
09:48 GMT

Excuses, excuses. Nadia Al Jundi makes up a reason to appear backstage to new Egyptian talent in "WWIII".

April 29, 2013

Cyrine Abdelnour's controversial scenes with Khaled Al Nabawi cause another commotion
10:09 GMT

"Al Musafer" (The Traveler) Film Director Ahmad Maher is ready to sue an Egyptian satellite channel for not airing some controversial scenes, which he says is a violation of contract.

Is Ahmed Mekky mad at Donia for her no show at his premier?
09:26 GMT

Has her hubby gotten jealous, or is she really too busy? Donia Samir Ghanem didn’t show at the premier screening of her good friend Egyptian actor Ahmed Mekky's latest film "Samir Abu Al Neel" and nobody knows why for sure.

Adel Imam knows it's worth it to settle for 15 million EGP
08:19 GMT

Who knew that 15 million Egyptian pounds was just chump change?! Egyptian king of comedy actor Adel Imam is used to high paying gigs, but has "settled" for this meager wage because "The Fortune Teller" says it will be a big hit.

April 28, 2013

Who's competing? The 13 contestants or the judges?
09:31 GMT

It's a non-stop battle of Ahlam vs. Alama on the screen of Arab Idol, leaving us wondering whether its contestants or judges competing for the title.

Another one bites the X Factor dust
09:16 GMT

Episode 6 left Marwa Ahmad in the X Factor Arabia dust after losing to fellow bottom-dweller contestant Eman Karakebo from Elissa's team.

Preach it, Hani. Preach it.
07:36 GMT

Hani Salama is prepping to film the indoor scenes his new television drama "Al Da'iyah" (The Preacher), scheduled to air this Ramadan. The preacher’s job may be extraordinary, but the show reveals he still has probs in life and love just like everybody else.

April 24, 2013

Yemeni merchants know asking forgiveness is better than permission
15:09 GMT

Turkish movie stars like Almdar are very popular here. Their faces adorn labels in shopping centers and in markets and are pasted on perfume bottles, cosmetics and clothes. But all of this advertising is done without their permission.

Mai's got her groove back
12:31 GMT

Mai Selim got her groove back and is starring in two dramas after taking some time off for baby.

April 23, 2013

Shaikh Hazza Bin Zayed and other guests look at some of the Louvre's permanent pieces during the 'Birth of a Museum' exhibition.
09:37 GMT

The religiously and culturally diverse exhibit is now open to the public until July 20 at Saadiyat Island’s Cultural District.

Ghada does good deeds
09:26 GMT

Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Raziq may push her cast and crew into working through Ramadan, but she won’t leave them without a feast.

Yousra says "Please, no" to Egyptian politics
08:02 GMT

There’s nothing funny about the current situation in Egypt, but Yousra would rather limit her career to cartoons than step into something political right now.