Movie Reviews

June 20, 2013

Saleh Al Shunnar soon to be a director star?
10:25 GMT

Saleh Al Shunnar submitted his 10-minute short 'Recycled' about littering in the UAE, and now it's been shortlisted for the Arab Film Studio (ASF) 2013 competition.

June 19, 2013

Muna Zaki the drama queen
09:43 GMT

Muna Zaki wants to play the tough girl and perform her own dangerous stunts in her new Ramadan drama "Asia". Her demanding request has costs the production company a fortune on an insurance policy.

Babel, english company filming about tourism in arab countries. Iraq, 1961, Ani, Latif el - Professional photographer, Ani, Latif el Collection, Copyright © Arab Image Foundation (Photo from the event's Facebook page)
06:19 GMT

One of our very own Egyptian directors Yousry Nasrallah will premiere his 'After the Battle,' which depicts aftermath of infamous 2011 camel battle, at the festival's opening night.

June 18, 2013

Ghada Abdel Raziq has a new look and psychological problems in 'A Life's Story'
09:02 GMT

Ghada Abdel Raziq has a new show coming to town this Ramadan with a character that's got some cray-cray problems in 'A Life's Story'.

June 17, 2013

It's a regional sci-fi film competition (Photo from MEFCC Facebook page)
09:28 GMT

The Middle East Film Company and Comic Con is allowing regional talent the chance to write a screenplay that's out of this world in a competition for a Middle East-inspired Sci-Fi film.

Beirut Animated packs the house (Photo from Beirut Animated Facebook page)
08:08 GMT

Hurry, so you don't miss all the film fun at 'Beirut Animated' festival this week before it heads off to other locations around the region.

June 16, 2013

Yousra shines in Beirut.
08:29 GMT

Legendary Egyptian actress Yousra is in Beirut to film and she brought some fellow Lebanese celebs with her.

June 12, 2013

Spraying away the Egyptian harassment
09:51 GMT

A Palestinian film maker says women need more legal protection as her documentary 'I Saw Harassment' received an award at the 16th Ismailia Film Festival last week.

Osama El Sayed says farewell to his popular Dubai TV cooking show, Ma’a Osama Atyab
05:00 GMT

Top chef turned TV celebrity Osama El Sayed shares an emotional farewell with viewers on his popular cooking show.

June 11, 2013

Tamer tones down with new film on hold.
10:14 GMT

It's not all rainbows and gumdrops anymore for Tamer Hosny's career. Everything has been looking up for the superstar until the writer for his new film peaced out from the project.

June 10, 2013

Doomed by Hope covers (Photo from Eyad Houssami's Facebook page)
08:10 GMT

Eyad Houssami, editor of 'Doomed by Hope: Essays on Arab Theatre' interviews with Jadaliyya and shares his thoughts on what's facing contemporary Arab Theatre.

Suhair Ramzi will be stretched to perform her role in the Ramadan show in time.
04:00 GMT

It's crunch time, Baby, and Director Adel Al Aser is nowhere near ready. There are still so many deets to be worked out if the new TV drama 'Jadawil', starring Suhair Ramzi, will be ready in time for the Ramadan lineup.

June 9, 2013

Egyptian celebrity Mahmoud Abdel Aziz is ready for on-screen action again.
08:34 GMT

How much space does it take to hold Egyptian actor Mahmoud Abdel Aziz’s thespian grandeur? At least ‘Two Rooms and a Living Room’, the star’s latest film produced by Mohammad Hafthi through ‘Film Clink’ company.

June 6, 2013

Is he gonna laugh at you this time, or make you a star? Ahmed Helmy's Arabs Got Talent's new judge.
09:58 GMT

Watch out, Arabia, Ahmed Helmy is gonna be checkin’ out your mad skillz on ‘Arabs Got Talent’. Say goodbye to Saudi comedian Naser Al Qasabi ‘cause Ahmed is comin’ to town and joining the judging committee for the talent's show's third season.

Don't sweat, Dubai, Jean-Claude Van Damme is here to save the day!
06:48 GMT

Action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme has spent his career bashing bad guys - and now the ‘Muscles from Brussels’ is preparing to beat up brazen bankers in Dubai.