July 28, 2015 - 19:13 GMT
The large social issue of African migrants in Israel is covered in Silvina Landsmann's documentary "Hotline".
Thanks to new technology, blind people can now watch movies in normal movie theaters in Egypt.
July 28, 2015 - 11:27 GMT
Thanks to new technology, blind people can now watch movies in normal movie theaters in Egypt.
The controversial scene from the movie
July 28, 2015 - 09:14 GMT
An "obscene penis scene" leaves Moroccan TV viewers outraged at a local Moroccan channel.
Nelly Karim stars in the drug addiction themed TV series
July 27, 2015 - 06:48 GMT
Ramadan TV series "Taht El-Saytara" (Under Control) brought the taboo topic of drug addiction to the front and center of convo in Egypt.
Israeli Arab actor Doraid Liddawi and Afaf Sheni are the hosts of P48's morning show. (Photo courtesy of Haaretz)
July 25, 2015 - 13:00 GMT
Falastin 48, the new channel aimed at Israeli-Arabs, is forced to relocate to a parking lot to film.
Obama first appeared on The Daily Show in 2005 when he was state senator for Illinois. (Twitter)
July 23, 2015 - 14:53 GMT
The US President makes his seventh and final appearance on The Daily Show prior to Jon Stewart's 'retirement' on August 6.
Shad Agza took in fifty percent of box office sales over Eid. (File photo)
July 23, 2015 - 06:53 GMT
Shad Agza took in LE12.5M in Egyptian box office sales over Eid weekend, followed by Ahmed Ezz's film which took in LE6M.
Nelly's bug situation was definitely not 'Under Control'! (Pixshark)
July 22, 2015 - 12:52 GMT
The Egyptian actress brings an uninvited guest to the show!
Khleifi's film Wedding in Galilee won the International Critics Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1987. (Shubbak)
July 21, 2015 - 08:53 GMT
The award winning filmmaker is curating the main film program at London's biggest celebration of contemporary Arab culture.
Warda looks at strange happenings in an Egyptian countryside home since the death of a video blogger's father. (IMDB)
July 19, 2015 - 11:00 GMT
The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, near Seoul, focuses on horror, thriller, mystery and fantasy films from Asia and around the world.
Al Mohaysoon's ballet dance was a turning point for the show. (Screenshot)
July 15, 2015 - 06:30 GMT
No potential celeb lawsuits as the guys behind Al Mohaysoon go back to basics with straight-up funny, old school pranks.