Music Reviews

December 29, 2013

Mad violin playin' MAias Alyamani moves his career along with new album launch. (Image: Facebook)
07:45 GMT

One of the most promising young Arab musicians today, Syrian musician MAias Alyamani has released six albums and will soon celebrate the launch of another at a concert taking place at the Museum of Islamic Art.

December 26, 2013

Cairo peeps getting their minimal dancing on. (Image courtesy of dailynewsegypt/May Mansour)
09:08 GMT

Could Cairo be the new Berlin? DJ Samy's minimal house music made it big in the Egyptian capital's cool new venue.

Amr Diab will be holding his DIFF concert in January. (Image: Facebook)
00:48 GMT

Fans disappointed by Amr Diab's cancelled concert can now rejoice as a new performance date has been scheduled!

December 24, 2013

Walid Tawfiq has remixed old classics in a new album. (Image: Facebook)
11:56 GMT

Lebanese singer Walid Tawfiq has revived some the Arab world's best classical songs in a new album.

Carole Samaha taking "The Lady" stage by storm (Image: Facebook)
09:32 GMT

Sell-out shows and a hit song still atop the charts make for a very happy holiday season for Carole Samaha.

Joana Nachef conducts and looks good doing it. Why not? (Image courtesy of
08:04 GMT

Some may call Joana Nachef a cheerleader, a scholar, and a great communicator, but she directly claims her current position wouldn't have been possible if she'd stayed in Lebanon. Boom. There. She said it.

December 22, 2013

Christmas concerts, film screenings, and much more to do this week in Egypt!
08:16 GMT

Get your Christmas spirit on with concerts galore, including the famous Nutcracker ballet, or enjoy a multitude of other magnificently fun things to do in Cairo or Alexandria this week!

Fares fixed his eyes on Walid to direct his clip, kicks Joe Bu Eid out!
07:46 GMT

Lebanese singer Fares Karam is transforming his latest hit "Daddy" into a music video. It was originally going to be directed by Joe Bu Eid, but Fares swapped him out for Walid Nasif last minute. What gives with the switcheroo?

December 20, 2013

Fadel Shaker before he quit singing and converted into a Jihadist. (Image: Facebook)
04:52 GMT

He may have quit singing years ago, and he may be on the run from the law, but ex-singer Fadel Shaker has just released a religious chant about Jesus.

December 19, 2013

Carmen Suleiman smiles with the satisfaction of her success. (Image: Facebook)
09:09 GMT

Hoping to release her first full album when the record industry is back on its feet, Arab Idol winner Carmen Suleiman can't wait forever to launch her career. That's why she's giving us a gift this winter holiday of the song "Habib Wa Mish Habibi" (My Love and Not My Love).

Abd Elfattah Grini greets his audience in Alexandria (Image: Facebook)
08:37 GMT

Record snow and freezing temperatures were no barrier for Alexandria University students to see Abd Elfattah Grini live in concert at their school!

Christmas at the Cairo Opera House (Image courtesy of Al Ahram Online)
06:33 GMT

Audiences were delighted with some serious Christmas cheer with performances by The Cairo Opera Orchestra, Cairo Celebration Choir and Cairo Opera Company soloists on December 16 and 17 for the Cairo Opera House's annual Christmas concert.

December 18, 2013

Myriam looked stunning in the dress she wore to her private performance in London last night. (Image: Facebook)
09:08 GMT

Myriam Fares decided to do her last-minute Christmas shopping in London this year.

Say hello to 2014 with Majed Al Mohandes and Elissa in concert! (Image: Facebook)
09:00 GMT

What a dynamic duo to spend New Year's Eve with! Elissa and Majed Al Mohandes are ready to make some musical magic happen at Dubai's Ritz Carlton DIFC on December 31st.

The Munich Percussion and String Orchestra will be performing at the Cairo Opera House. (Image:
06:53 GMT

On Friday 20 December in Cairo and 22 December in Alexandria, the Munich Percussion and String Orchestra conducted by Adel Shalabi will perform works by Omar Khairat and world composers.