Music Reviews

September 4, 2013

You can now buy tickets to watch Timbaland and Live at Dubai Music Week. (Image: Ticketmaster)
09:45 GMT

International superstars Timbaland and will be headlining Dubai Music Week this month, and tickets are now up for sale. Hurry up and get yours!

September 3, 2013

Last week the indie band launched their third album, “Raasük” (“They made you dance”). (Image: Facebook)
11:28 GMT

Popular Lebanese indie band "Mashrou’ Leila" release their third album, make first appearance in over a year at sell-out concert in Beirut.

Singer Dina Hayek returned to her old and best-suited music genre: Romance! (Image: courtesy of arabicollection)
09:01 GMT

Dina Hayek released a new song with the fabulous style we love to hear her in: the Romance genre!

Sami Yusuf sings his heart out (Image: Courtesy of Times of Oman)
07:13 GMT

In a performance that can only described as epic, British singer-songwriter Sami Yusuf wowed the whole crowd in Muscat last Friday night.

September 2, 2013

Mohammad Assaf was a huge hit at the Bahrain Summer Festival. (Image: Facebook)
14:34 GMT

Since winning Arab Idol, Mohammad Assaf has been busy touring the Arab world. His latest sold-out concert was at the Bahrain Summer Festival.

Nancy Ajram had her Tunisia concert cancelled at the last minute. (Image: Facebook)
09:59 GMT

Nancy Ajram hosts concerts all over the world, except she had to cancel her latest Tunisia concert for mysterious reasons. Could it really have been the low ticket sales that prompted it?

Mashrou Leila brings it once again with 3rd album "Ra’asuk" (They made you Dance)
07:59 GMT

Indie Lebanese band Mashrou Leila let's it all hang loose with their exciting third album release "Ra'asuk" (They Made You Dance).

September 1, 2013

Don't mess with Shams. She's got a song with sass comin' up (Image: Facebook)
08:59 GMT

She may not be on the battlefront, but sassy songstress Shams’ new track "Deen Abukum Ismu Ayh" (What is the Religion of Your Fathers Called?) aims at fighting all forms of extremism.

Baalbeck Festival took the worst hit of all summer festivals in Beirut
08:34 GMT

With International festivals and concerts a big terrorist target and all the unrest around the region, Beirut saw and heard much less music this summer.

Charlie Rayne will be one of the acts performing at the Festival. (Image: Facebook)
07:38 GMT

The Wicker Park Music Festival aims to promote local talent, while working to awaken residents to the importance of respecting the environment.

August 29, 2013

Myriam Fares fires up the Moroccan stage. (Image: Facebook)
14:04 GMT

The girl knows how to draw a crowd. You gotta give her that! Myriam Fares brought in an unexpected 10 thousand peeps to her Moroccan concert.

Samaana is a competition aimed at promoting instrumental music through discovering talented new composers to introduce to the public. (Shutterstock/Silver John)
05:00 GMT

A new composing competition is now open to all Arabs in Egypt. Samaana aims to discover the Middle East's most talented composers.

August 28, 2013

British band Ferocious Dog will be heading to Bahrain for their debut gig this month. (Image: Facebook)
10:47 GMT

The Gulf is increasing in popularity with its music gigs, and British folk band Ferocious Dog seem to be fans of the region. They're heading to Bahrain for a gig at the end of this month!

The Gypsy Queens brought their 'tude and their tunes to town in Beirut. (Image: Facebook)
10:24 GMT

Crooning out "Fly Me to the Moon" in totes a public place, The Gypsy Queens' share how their high hopes have led them to our neck of the woods.

Kazem El Saher put his coat on for a hot performance in Lebanon. (Image: Facebook)
09:18 GMT

It was a cold night in Ehden, but superstar Kazem El Saher put on his coat for a hot performance in Lebanon.