Music Reviews

September 13, 2013

First elimination round at "Battle of the Voice" (Image: Gulf Times/ Maria Imelda Enrile)
05:00 GMT

Expatriates are battling it out in Doha this month at Parco Mall. Singing hopefuls from all around the region and beyond have given it their shot and are not in the midst of elimination rounds.

September 12, 2013

Tamer Hosny posted a picture of him alongside Akon and Pitbull on FB. (Image: Facebook)
09:59 GMT

No music video of "Arabian Knight" has yet been released, but pictures of the three superstars, Tamer Hosny, Akon and Pitbull working on the song together were published on FB by Monsieur Tamer himself!

September 11, 2013

Help, please! Ahlam calls out to fans for music video ideas. (Image: Facebook)
15:01 GMT

Not one to be outdone, hot singer Ahlam has reached out to fans for new music vid ideas. Sound familiar? That’s exactly what Nancy Ajram just did!

Assi Helani, Ciara and Mohammad Assaf will be one of the stars performing at the Yasalam Festival. (Image: Facebook)
14:22 GMT

In the lead-up to the Formula One race in Abu Dhabi, the city invites its citizens to get fit while enjoying the activities of the star-studded Yasalam Festival.

Star Academy is returning following a two-year absence. (Image: Facebook)
10:44 GMT

If you're a Star Academy fan then prepare to scream; the show's back to our screens after a two-year absence.

September 10, 2013

Amr Diab is less than pleased about his concert cancellation
09:56 GMT

The event that was to keep Amr Diab rollin’ in dough is no more. Another Egyptian concert has been cancelled.

Walid Mustafa and Carole Samaha are engaged!
09:34 GMT

Carole Samaha can no longer sing about loneliness because she’s found a man to say “I do” ‘til death do they part.

September 9, 2013

Hamad al Fardan and Louay al Majed are two finalists in the music competition (Image: Facebook
10:07 GMT

Volkswagen is ready to make an Arab famous. A heated music competition is down to two finalists, Hamad al Fardan and Louay al Majed. Which one's got your vote?

The collective concert will take place on Saturday 14 September at the Touristic Theatre in Hurghada.(Image: Facebook)
08:55 GMT

In an effort to restore tourism in politically-unstable Egypt, the Cairo Opera Orchestra are organizing a concert on the Red Sea in Hurghada.

September 8, 2013

The show will go one for Huriyah Farghali! (Image: Facebook)
11:23 GMT

While some think a filming hiatus in order per the political climate in Egypt, Huriyah Farghali believes her decision to resume her acting career is a necessary move to return normalcy to the unstable country.

Ali Al Hajar sings song against Islam (Image: Facebook)
11:06 GMT

Some say Ali Al Hajar's latest song “We Are One People and You Are Another” is inciting hatred in politically polarised Egypt.

Creamfields concert was cancelled after all (Image: Facebook)
08:04 GMT

There's much to worry about for those living in Lebanon right now, but the Creamfields concert was set to be a ray of sunshine and hope in the midst of fear of violence. When the festival was cancelled last minute, it took with it a glimmer of hope for peace.

September 7, 2013

Tom Jones will be performing at the Inter- Continental Doha beach this month. (Image: Facebook)
06:00 GMT

If Tom Jones is your idol and you're living in Doha, then you're in luck! The international star will be performing at the Inter- Continental Doha beach on September 17.

September 5, 2013

Fareeda Ali
12:57 GMT

She's no Mohammad Assaf, but she's got her own mission to preserve the ancient art of Arabic Maqam from extinction, and we think her Bahrain Summer Festival performance tonight will be enjoyable as well.

Rick Ro$$ and T-Pain will be rappin' it up October 4th in the UAE
09:00 GMT

With one in Abu Dhabi and the other in Dubai on the same night, hip hop artists Rick Ro$$ and T Pain are ensuring all of the UAE will be feelin' the beat.