Music Reviews

June 30, 2013

PopArabia's partnership with Sony/ATV will now have a catalogue including Kanye West! (photo courtesy of )
06:07 GMT

The publishing and music rights consultancy for the MENA region, PopArabia has snatched a VIP licensing agreement with Sony/ATV Music!

June 28, 2013

Najwa Karam will be one of the stars performing at the Jerash Festival. (Image:
07:00 GMT

It's that time of year again when Arab artists flock to the beautiful city of Jerash for a round of magnificent concerts.

June 27, 2013

Stevie Wonder (Getty Images/Larry Busacca)
15:36 GMT

The 'Superstition' hit maker, Stevie Wonder, is still a gospel singing machine. His next album will be a tribute to his mother and may include a track in Arabic!

‘Them’ keyboardist Rami Kayyali, who is half Syrian and half Russian, said it was a good opportunity to have a bit of fun. (Photo courtesy of Twitter)
15:16 GMT

Aspiring musicians now have another chance to spread their work around the region, thanks to the organizers of Sikka Art Fair.

Alicia Keys belts it out in concert
07:30 GMT

Love her or hate her, Alicia Keys is coming back to the Middle East in November with a concert so hot, it's gonna set Dubai on fire!

June 26, 2013

Mohammad Abdo at the mic again
12:48 GMT

People need him, people want him, and now they’ve got him! Mohammad Abdo is rockin’ the stage once again! The Dubai International Trade Center never sounded so good.

Amr Diab celebrates thirty years in the business.
09:46 GMT

Egyptian superstar Amr Diab recently held a massive concert to celebrate his now thirty years in the business.

Nancy Ajram lovin' on Arab Idol runner-up, Ahmad Jamal
05:41 GMT

Looks like Arab Idol runner-up Ahmad Jamal is soon to join the ranks of Nancy Ajram. The aspiring almost title holder Facebooked the news that the Lebanese songstress is sharing her own business manager, Jiji Lamara, with him.

June 25, 2013

Mohammad Assaf from Palestine wins the title of Arab Idol!
09:00 GMT

Looks like everyone in the region has reached Assaf-mania. Some you'd least suspect are honoring this monumental moment of Palestinian pride, even Israelis!

Arab Idol finalist Ahmad Jamal flies home to Egypt along with Angham
08:35 GMT

He may not have achieved the Arab Idol title, but show finalist Ahmad Jamal still arrived in Cairo victorious with hotshot singer Angham at his side.

De La Soul (photo courtesy of Facebook)
06:52 GMT

Uday Jagda is only 22, but he's already hit it up with the big boys of beat boxin' De La Soul and Erykah Badu, now he's got a track on a new Emirate album!

June 24, 2013

The miracle of Mohammad Assaf showing in every home.
09:45 GMT

“Arab Idol has offered us more than any politician has,” said Arab Idol finalist, Ahmad. He, Farah, and the winning Mohammad provide hope to others with humble beginnings.

The Baalbeck Festival is staged at the Roman-era temple complex
06:04 GMT

It may not be the Civil War all over again, but things around the Bekaa Valley where the International festival takes place are certainly not peaceful right now. Organizers of the event are weighing options to see if a change of venue is necessary.

June 23, 2013

The AI foursome getting along at last
11:35 GMT

The region's hottest talent show finished strong with the judges actually getting along. What gives?

Mic Check for Salalem at the Citadel (Photo courtesy of band's Facebook page)
10:23 GMT

Cairo's old-school Salah Eddin Citadel transformed to the hipster place to be on World Music Day. Three Egyptian bands rocked it on stage for the June 20th Fête de la Musique celebration.