Music Reviews

April 22, 2013

London exhibition to inspire collaboration between Muslims and Jews
06:58 GMT

Who knew that 70 brave Muslims risked their lives to shelter Jews during World War II? The RIghteous Muslim Exhibition in London "hopes to inspire new research into instances of collaboration between the Muslim and Jewish communities."

April 21, 2013

The remaining 19 Arab Idol contestants sit on pins and needles
10:36 GMT

Eight smiling faces shine on the stage of the second season of Arab Idol, while another 19 wait on pins and needles to find out if they will be the final four selected by judges.

The X-Factor Arabia cut-throat drama continues
09:26 GMT

The 5th episode of The X Factor Arabia got even more cut-throat when Elissa’s Eman Karakeebo fought against Marrayah from Carole’s team for survival in the competition.

Sherine loves to be in the spotlight
07:15 GMT

Sherine has halted all current projects to recover from a nasty fall down the stairs of her home. While most fans are offering her well wishes along with superstar Angham, others are calling it bluff and just another chance to be in the spotlight.

April 18, 2013

Who's the comedian now? Diana Karazon guests on 'Tonight with Hani'
10:51 GMT

Get on your dancin’ shoes, Hani Ramzi! Diana Karazon wants to groove with you. Too bad they don’t fit!

Carole Samaha shares her "Feelings" of success with Egypt
09:45 GMT

Carole Samaha is ready to party hardy in Cairo. The Lebanese songstress is on cloud 9 with the highest selling record in Egypt and is bringing the country's record industry up with her.

Dubai is ready to rock it with EYE and Metallica
07:22 GMT

Empty Yard Experiment (EYE) shares how they were picked to open for legendary Metallica this weekend in Abu Dhabi.

April 17, 2013

Moroccans go cray-cray over Majed Al Mohandes
12:11 GMT

Iraq's beloved Majed Al Mohandes made it big in Morocco last weekend with a celebrity crowd that welcomed him so well that organizers asked him back for another round later this summer.

Abdel-Moneim Kamel watches a dancer, during one of the rehearsals of the Cairo Opera Ballet Company at the Cairo Opera House (photo: Sherif Sonbol)
09:59 GMT

On Sunday 21 April, a number of the Cairo Opera House's artistic companies, conductors and soloists will join a large memorial concert dedicated to Abdel Moneim-Kamel.

April 16, 2013

The Awela Balady Ensemble will perform a special concert dedicated to legendary Egyptian musician Sheikh Imam on Tuesday, 16 April, at the Cairo Opera House's open-air theatre. (Photo: Wasla FM)
13:13 GMT

The Awela Balady Ensemble will perform a special concert dedicated to legendary Egyptian musician Sheikh Imam on Tuesday, 16 April, at the Cairo Opera House's open-air theatre.

Egyptian rock funk band 'Massar Egbari' released their first album
11:02 GMT

With a fan base 10 years in the running, Alexandrian musicians Massar Egbari release their first album 'Ekra'a El-Khabar' (Read the News) this week.

Najwa Sultan prepares for another concert tour
10:44 GMT

Lebanese singer Najwa Sultan is ready to rock the region this summer with several performances. She's making sure we all know she's coming by appearing on shows from Beirut to Dubai.

April 15, 2013

El Tanbura announced the launch of their third, locally produced album “26th of January”.
12:43 GMT

The band, known for preserving traditional protest songs from Port Said, launches an album full of political commentary.

Zaman Zaatar live (Photo: Courtesy of Ekaa)
12:08 GMT

Zaman Zaatar featuring Yacoub Abu Ghosh from Amman will perform in Beit El-Raseef in Maadi on Thursday.

Hussein on the hunt: Looking for a woman with the X-Factor.
10:34 GMT

Emirati singer Hussein Al Jasmi wants a woman with the X-Factor, not the job on the judging panel. His work on the set is getting in the way of his latest album and his love life.