Music Reviews

April 30, 2013

Emel Mathlouthi the new "Fairuz" (photo courtesy of
07:41 GMT

Considered her generation's "Fairuz", Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi's smooth voice enchants Egypt.

Is the clown alive or dead? The confusion continues. (photo courtesy of
07:01 GMT

The French production 'Le Prince Séquestré' will do nothing to bring you out of a bad mood - it may frustrate you even more.

April 29, 2013

Nicole Saba can do it all, preggo or no.
09:53 GMT

After promising to take it easy during her pregnancy, Nicole Saba still sings at a big-time wedding with Mohamed Mounir.

Just cause you're handicap doesn't mean you can't learn to dance at the Ramallah Contemporary Dance festival
09:32 GMT

Just cause you're handicap doesn't mean you can't learn to dance at the Ramallah Contemporary Dance festival in the Palestinian city of Ramallah.

Reem Talhami sings her way through Gaza (Photo courtesy of Reem's facebook)
07:27 GMT

It's not every day that Gazans get concerts, but Palestinian female singer Reem Talhami crossed the border and made her way into the hearts of those living in the territory.

April 28, 2013

Tamer feels the love in Morocco
10:06 GMT

Tamer Hosny is preparing a thank you gift to Moroccan fans - a song in their own dialect to be performed at the Moroccan Mawazeen Music festival.

April 25, 2013

Tamer's getting fit
12:28 GMT

Tamer Hosny may be in the U.S., but he sure is keeping busy!

Al-Sununu Choir
08:30 GMT

Thirteen-year-old Ali Musa, a Palestinian refugee, declares that he plans to become a musician in the future, thanks to a new music program seeking to unite Palestinian voices.

Najwa Karam is keepin' it comin'
07:53 GMT

Najwa Karam is keepin’ it coming with a new song for her upcoming album, a fresh music vid, and proof that she’ll still have a seat with her name on it next season at the “Arab’s Got Talent” judging bench.

Photo courtesy of ReTune Studio Facebook page
07:10 GMT

In Egypt, to get ahead in the music world, you have to have a connection. If you do not, then it is over,” Farghaly explained. ReTune Studio turns nobodies into somebodies: a rapper's Cinderella story.

Van Gogh-inspired poppy flower painting by Taha Hussein
06:49 GMT

Taha Hussein didn't cut his ear off, but some of his artwork is inspired by the late great Van Gogh.The Al Masar Gallery has a new exhibition of Taha's "Latest Work on Paper", open until May 9th.

April 24, 2013

Khaled Salim shares all on "Tonght with Hani"
14:59 GMT

Fans of Khaled Salim will have more than daytime eating to look forward to after Ramadan because the Egyptian singer shared on "Tonight with Hani" his plans to release his new album just after the holy month.

Carole Samaha's soldier face
13:31 GMT

Some call it luck, Tamer might think it's war, but no one can beat Carole "the soldier"'s sucess in Egypt right now.

April 23, 2013

Angham gets her first taste of humble pie
08:30 GMT

‘Egypt’s First Singer’, Angham, is afraid of matching her own success: Singing in the Lebanese dialect has given the successful star her first taste of humble pie.

April 22, 2013

London exhibition to inspire collaboration between Muslims and Jews
06:58 GMT

Who knew that 70 brave Muslims risked their lives to shelter Jews during World War II? The RIghteous Muslim Exhibition in London "hopes to inspire new research into instances of collaboration between the Muslim and Jewish communities."