Music Reviews

April 15, 2013

El Tanbura announced the launch of their third, locally produced album “26th of January”.
12:43 GMT

The band, known for preserving traditional protest songs from Port Said, launches an album full of political commentary.

Zaman Zaatar live (Photo: Courtesy of Ekaa)
12:08 GMT

Zaman Zaatar featuring Yacoub Abu Ghosh from Amman will perform in Beit El-Raseef in Maadi on Thursday.

Hussein on the hunt: Looking for a woman with the X-Factor.
10:34 GMT

Emirati singer Hussein Al Jasmi wants a woman with the X-Factor, not the job on the judging panel. His work on the set is getting in the way of his latest album and his love life.

Two, please! Kadim Al Sahir on the set of 'The Voice' with fellow judges
08:50 GMT

The 'Caesar of Arabic Song' wants a second chance to judge on the set of 'The Voice 2'

April 14, 2013

Roula Saad
15:14 GMT

Roula Saad is going Iraqi for her next single as she ups the Mesopotamian to her repertoire.

Royal Opera House Muscat showcases Morocco's burgeoning music scene.
09:52 GMT

Three of Morocco's grand slammin' musicians liven up the night at Oman's Royal Opera House Muscat.

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars wowed the crowds at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre with a brilliant set on Friday night.
06:21 GMT

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars wowed the crowds at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre with a brilliant set on Friday night.

April 13, 2013

Asala Nasri is known for her support of the Syrian opposition.
08:00 GMT

The pro-opposition star shows her support for Syrians suffering at the hands of President Bashar al-Assad.

April 11, 2013

Free concert coming to Dubai in two weeks
12:02 GMT

"Shootout At Wadala" stars to shine on stage for a free spring concert.

From left to right: Ghalia Benali, 'India by the Nile', Autostrad
11:54 GMT

Budding musicians abound this month in Egypt, with sounds to satisfy all tastes and generations wherever one is in the country.

Carole Samaha tops Tamer Hosny with the number one record
07:56 GMT

Lebanese Carole Samaha lures us to love her stuff and knows how to stay in first place with music videos that will soon be played on the Rotana channels.

April 10, 2013

Egyptian-Armenian folkloric troupe (photo courtesy of Ahram Online)
14:49 GMT

Zankezour Egyptian-Armenian folk troupe will perform at Al-Gomhoreya Theatre on Thursday, 11 April in downtown Cairo.

Las Vegas is coming to town (photo courtesy of
14:38 GMT

Only two weeks 'til Dubai families can enjoy the spectacular performances of Las Vegas' Ultimate Variety Show.

Majed makes it big in Morocco
12:39 GMT

Iraqi singer Majed al Mohandes makes it big in Morocco with a sell out crowd for his performance this Saturday at the Mazagan Beach Resort.

April 9, 2013

Diana Haddad
10:41 GMT

After a season of laying low, Diana Haddad is ready to release a new music video that's sure to rock the charts!