September 5, 2013

Jordan has seen the largest number of Syrian refugees entering its borders out of all Syria's neighbours since the conflict began in 2011. (AFP)
12:21 GMT

Jordanian officials say there are some 50,000 Syrian refugees awaiting to enter the country as anticipation of a US-led strike on Syria prompts thousands to flee their homes.

September 4, 2013

"Riddick" flick (Image: Facebook)
11:52 GMT

Every story has its inspiration, and Jordan just so happens to be it for the latest "Riddick" installment, starring our fave action man Vin Diesel.

ordanian opposition protesters shout slogans during a anti-US demonstration outside the US embassy on September 1, 2013 in the Jordanian capital Amman. (AFP)
10:59 GMT

The Jordanian Armed Forces are on high alert in anticipation of a potential Syria strike.

September 3, 2013

In 2012, around 30 ICT firms, including gaming and content development companies, closed their offices and left the Kingdom.
10:10 GMT

“International companies used to view Jordan as an ICT hub, but nowadays, we are seeing companies leaving the Kingdom and others that have decided against opening offices here", said chairman of Jordan Gaming Task Force.

September 2, 2013

The minister said that priority was given to funding “added-value projects that can solve central issues of energy, water and transportation”.
07:36 GMT

Qatar is the only member of the council that has not paid any part of its contribution.

“Our top priority at JIB is to attract investments in the renewable energy sector due to the dire need of the Kingdom to diversify energy resources," said Awni Rushound, CEO of the Jordan Investment Board.
07:26 GMT

Foreign investments remain crucial to financing Jordan's renewable energy aspirations, and other countries are ready to jump on the bandwagon.

September 1, 2013

A file picture taken on November 13, 2012, shows Terror suspect Abu Qatada arriving at his home in northwest London, after he was released from prison. (AFP)
13:58 GMT

Radical cleric Abu Qatada, who has been charged with life imprisonment over plotting terror attacks, will begin his trial in Amman in the upcoming 10 days.

August 30, 2013

Jordanian actress Abeer Eisa appreciates the fame Khaleeji dramas granted her. (Image: Arab News)
05:00 GMT

Sometimes actors find fame overseas and not in their hometowns, and Jordanian actress Abeer Eisa found just that in the Gulf!

August 29, 2013

Pope Francis welcomes Jordan's King Abdullah prior a private audience on August 29, 2013 at the Vatican. (AFP)
16:38 GMT

Jordan's King Abdullah and Pope Francis agreed on Thursday that dialogue is the only option for Syria, urging the Western states to rethink their potential strike.

Many of  Indian travellers to Jordan, mainly from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, went to Jordan for religious reasons. Pictured: Mount Nebo. (Photo Credit: Getty Images).
08:46 GMT

Jordan, which is a five- and- a- halfhour flight from Delhi by Royal Jordanian Airlines, received 53,000 outwardly mobile Indians last year.

August 28, 2013

A US F-16 aircraft lands on May 20, 2007 after performing a training mission during the 2007 Falcon Air Meet in Azraq, Jordan. AFP PHOTO/US AIR FORCE/Wolfram M. Stumpf
13:37 GMT

Jordan's government spokesperson Mohamed Momani on Wednesday stated that no attack on Syria would be launched from its soil.

The two countries enjoy strategic interests and are signatory to several agreements in the areas of trade and investments.
11:09 GMT

Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC) President Nael Kabariti said this week that the chamber will organise a visit for a Jordanian delegation to Egypt next month to look into the possibility of establishing joint ventures.

Al Warsha theatre troupe will be recounting tales of the revolution in Jordan in September 2013. (Image: Facebook)
10:26 GMT

Egyptian theatre troupe El Warsha are heading to Jordan this September to give us a taste of their work at the Hakaya theatre festival.

August 27, 2013

“This dispute has serious foreign relations implications, evidenced by the filings of three governments in the courts below, in which U.S. ally Jordan protested that the sanctions ‘severely infringe’ its sovereignty and ‘punish Arab Bank for not violating Jordanian law.’”
13:03 GMT

A trial is scheduled to take place in January 2014, marking the first time a bank has been tried in the U.S. for terrorism financing under the act.

Jordanian Prime Minster Abdullah Ensour casts his vote in Amman on Tuesday. (Image via Jordan News Agency, Petra)
11:57 GMT

Despite military leaders meeting in Amman over a potential Syrian intervention, millions of Jordanians headed to local polling stations to cast their votes in the municipal elections.