February 24, 2005

09:27 GMT

Prominent Egyptian belly dancing legend and actress Najwa Fuad announced that she has accepted a leading role in the new TV drama “Imra’a Min Thahab” (A Woman of Gold)

February 23, 2005

February 22, 2005

12:19 GMT

Jordan and Iraq confirmed during a recent meeting of the general assembly of the Iraqi-Jordanian Land Transport Company a plan to renew the company's fleet and ways to minimize its financial losses, r

11:15 GMT

Jordan's King Abdullah II left Amman Tuesday for Madrid on a visit to Spain.

February 21, 2005

11:46 GMT

Jordanian exports of fruit and vegetables to Iraq in 2004 amounted to 44,000 tons, most of it was tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, and potatoes,  according to the general secretary of the Jordanian Minis

February 20, 2005

10:42 GMT

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has called for a “neutral” probe into former Lebanese prime minister Rafic al-Hariri’s assassination, which he said targeted

09:35 GMT

Jordan's new ambassador to Israel Ma'aruf al-Bakhit arrived in Israel Sunday morning, more than four years after Jordan returned its previous ambassad

08:01 GMT

Czech President Vaclav Klaus concluded his four-day visit to Jordan on Saturday, <i>Petra</i> news agency reported. 

February 18, 2005

09:17 GMT

In cooperation with the administration of protecting antiquities, Yemeni police have managed to arrest five-member gang active in smuggling Yemeni ant

07:12 GMT

According to <i>Alkhaleej</i>, the chairman of Iraqi companies union, Abbas Bayan Alebidi announced that the Jordanian government gave its consent to grant Iraqi businessmen, executives an

February 17, 2005

15:29 GMT

Hamas Movement considered on Thursday the Israeli plan to free 500 Palestinian POW's a "deceptive maneuver aiming at improving the Israeli image".