February 20, 2005

10:42 GMT

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has called for a “neutral” probe into former Lebanese prime minister Rafic al-Hariri’s assassination, which he said targeted

09:35 GMT

Jordan's new ambassador to Israel Ma'aruf al-Bakhit arrived in Israel Sunday morning, more than four years after Jordan returned its previous ambassad

08:01 GMT

Czech President Vaclav Klaus concluded his four-day visit to Jordan on Saturday, <i>Petra</i> news agency reported. 

February 18, 2005

09:17 GMT

In cooperation with the administration of protecting antiquities, Yemeni police have managed to arrest five-member gang active in smuggling Yemeni ant

07:12 GMT

According to <i>Alkhaleej</i>, the chairman of Iraqi companies union, Abbas Bayan Alebidi announced that the Jordanian government gave its consent to grant Iraqi businessmen, executives an

February 17, 2005

15:29 GMT

Hamas Movement considered on Thursday the Israeli plan to free 500 Palestinian POW's a "deceptive maneuver aiming at improving the Israeli image".

February 15, 2005

13:18 GMT

According to <i>Alkhaleej</i> daily, the Jordanian authorities have started the construction of a free zone are near the Iraqi borders . The project is spreading on an area of 15 thousands

February 14, 2005

February 12, 2005

February 9, 2005

16:05 GMT

Following the Palestinian- Israeli truce declaration, Egypt and Jordan are set to send new ambassadors to Tel Aviv.

13:14 GMT

Jordanian singer Diana Karazone has revealed that she will hold a special concert on Valentine’s Day in Amman at the Regency Palace hotel

12:33 GMT

Despite the constant rumors and attacks faced by young Jordanian singer Diana Karazone, she is persistent on standing against all tides and making a name for herself in the music industry

12:16 GMT

According to Jordan's Al-Rai newspaper, a training course was started at the Jordanian Food and Medicine Corporation in Amman recently.