Carmen’s family turns down Abdullah Bilkhair’s marriage proposal

Carmen’s family turns down Abdullah Bilkhair’s marriage proposal
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My message to Abdalla Bikhair its that:
Dear brother, "Carmen" is not a rising star; she already is a "STAR" with capital letters! Please leave Carmen alone. She needs to be respected, and loved by his people in Mosser".
I'm not in Mosser, and I only discovered this new gentle"Diva" on the youtube on Sunday, September 30, 2012. I was absolutely stunt, and simply broke into tears from joy after listening to her "Inta Omri" song.
She is indeed another Oum Koulthum, and must be cared, cherished, loved, and respected by all, particularly the Arab World, and specifically by Egypt people (Mosser).
She is like a dream come true for me, who listened to the "Lady Koulthum" from my childhood, and now with the age of internet I was able to follow her songs even in America, where I moved to from Kurdistan to study, and graduate.
Carmen is like another cultural treasure, and pride for Mosser., and I hope to meet her someday "enshallah".
My message to Carmen is: "I love you my sister, and wish you the best in life yet to come. Please take care of yourself, and feel free to call me sometime. I'd love to hear from you",
Your brother Raza from US. phone, 808 845 5716

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