Lebanon: Anti-sectarianism suggests a new way, but will it stick?

Lebanon: Anti-sectarianism suggests a new way, but will it stick?
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non of the statements and status we are making lead to success and change in the Lebanese sectarian system. we need to work harder and struggle for the change and in order to reach our goal, real campaings should be held on all the Leabanese terretories.the new generations should be aware of the danger of the sectarian system. we should use their way in fighting them( and i mean by "their" those old new politicians and religious men that have been ruling our country for centuries ). So what id their way? they all use the same procedure, they incite us on each other and they wash our brains and fill them with hatress so they can keep control on most of us, and this is "their way". so why dont we use their weapon against them? if we really want to eliminate the sectarina system, we should try all the ways and in my belief this is a good idea for achieving our goal. let us incite these new generations on those politicians and leaders, let us warn our children from the sectarian system and its adherents. More and more from their ways can be used against them for the sake of our country and our children. we dont want to find our career outside the country, we want to live in this country and die in it. maybe we wont see the change in our days but maybe the new generation will only if we raised now in a good way. " a farmer takes care of his tree when they are still young so they can grow up properly".
note: sorry im not that good in english and i couldnt find the right words to express, but hopefully you will get the idea.

thank you

mazen (not verified) Sun, 05/15/2011 - 11:04

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