August 20, 2006

07:21 GMT

In the wake of an Israeli commando raid near Baalbek in eastern Lebanon on Saturday, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Israel had viola

August 19, 2006

15:12 GMT

Lebanese security and Hizbullah sources said Israeli aircraft and commandos raided a Hizbullah stronghold in eastern Lebanon early on Saturday just ho

August 18, 2006

18:54 GMT

Even though Hizbullah is declaring victory -- and others are seeing the fight with Israel as a draw -- President Bush said on Friday the Shiite group

11:27 GMT

The Lebanese army reached the country's southern border with Israel for the first time Friday, sending a sole jeep on patrol through the village of Ki

August 17, 2006

19:39 GMT

French President Jacques Chirac announced Thursday that his county would immediately double to 400 its contingent in the UN peacekeeping force in Leba

13:54 GMT

Parliament's majority leader Saad Hariri blasted both Syria and Israel in a fiery speech Thursday to hundreds of supporters in Qoreitem

10:33 GMT

It has become clear that Hizbullah's limited budgets will not come close to funding the massive reconstruction projects necessary to rehabilitate Leba

07:23 GMT

Lebanese forces moved towards the south of the country Thursday to replace Israeli soldiers in line with a U.N. peace plan to end a month-long war.

06:18 GMT

In complete secrecy, Haifa donated a very large sum of money for reconstruction of southern Lebanon, which is where the most damage caused at the hands of the Israelis

August 16, 2006

20:15 GMT

The Lebanese government decided on Wednesday to send the army to the south for the first time in decades.

16:17 GMT

The month-long Israeli bombardments inflicted material damages on Lebanon worth US$3.5 billion, the head of reconstruction in the country said on Wednesday.

15:24 GMT

Hizbullah on Wednesday said it would not leave the area south of the Litani river and stressed that the issue of its arms is not negotiable

10:13 GMT

Foreign ministers of France, Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia were due to arrive in Beirut on Wednesday to work out details on assembling a 15,000-strong

06:13 GMT

Lebanese singer Mariam Fares may accept the leading role in a new joint Lebanese - Egyptian film to be shot in Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia