October 11, 2007

16:50 GMT

Lebanese singer Elissa is getting ready to travel to Algeria for the first time to host two live concerts

October 10, 2007

17:08 GMT

Some 100 Palestinian families returned to a devastated refugee camp in northern Lebanon on Wednesday, the first individuals allowed back months after

11:48 GMT

Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi is getting ready to travel to the United States of America to host a concert at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the Lebanese House Association on November 3rd of 2007

11:41 GMT

Lebanese singer Madline Mater is meeting up with a number of different Egyptian poets, composers and distributors during her trip to Cairo

October 9, 2007

13:08 GMT

The echo of success that “Bab Am Yebki” (My door is crying) accomplished among Lebanese and Arab fans has affected the owner of the song Lebanese singer Assi Hilani

October 8, 2007

12:44 GMT

Lebanese singer Dolly Shaheen has denied circulating rumors about an intimate relationship with her manager Tamer Abed Al Min’em

October 6, 2007

08:40 GMT

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Friday called the US-sponsored international Middle East peace conference as a part of US-Israe

October 4, 2007

20:13 GMT

U.S. President George Bush stated Thursday he is "deeply concerned about foreign interference" by countries like Syria in Lebanon's upcoming president

11:35 GMT

Both Lebanese singers Ragheb Alameh and the sexy Haifa Wahbi are getting ready to head off to Canada to go on tour

08:04 GMT

"Rotana Mousica" continues to air "Kol Youm Malion", the biggest educational competition on Arabic TV during Ramadan, in which one of the 100 particip

October 3, 2007

11:53 GMT

Lebanese singer started filming her scenes in the new movie“Baher Al Nojoom” (Sea of Stars) that is produced by international soft drink company Pepsi

October 2, 2007

11:23 GMT

After revealing her interest in singing years ago and after launching a video clip for her song “low Hob Dah” (If this is Love); Lebanese televison broadcaster/singer Razan Al Moughrabi held her first

11:10 GMT

Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoughbi headed to Egypt to record an episode for the show “5 Stars” that is aired on Rotana music channel

October 1, 2007

12:08 GMT

Lebanese singer Elissa is getting ready to place the final touches on her newest album, which will be launched by Rotana Production Company