December 5, 2006

12:46 GMT

Germany and France have issued a joint call to Syria to "stop supporting forces that seek to destabilise Lebanon and the region".

11:58 GMT

Instability in countries such as Lebanon and Sudan is no longer the determining factor in shaping business confidence as the Arab world rewrites the r

07:34 GMT

In the presence of Mr. Salem Al Hindi, President of the music production company Rotana, and in the presence of the Lebanese media, Rotana organized a special honoring ceremony for Lebanese singer Eli

07:28 GMT

Lebanese television announcer Razan Moughrabi will join the administrative committee of the 2006 World Music Awards 2006 for the 5th time

December 4, 2006

21:35 GMT

The most recent rumor that is surrounding controversial Lebanese singer Maria is that of her resignation and marriage to Kuwaiti actor Mohammad Bushahri

05:15 GMT

One young man was killed and three other people were injured Sunday in two separate street clashes in Beirut between opposition and government support

December 3, 2006

10:55 GMT

Thousands of Hizbullah and other pro-Syrian protestors continued to carry out an open-ended sit-in to topple the government for the third day Sunday w

December 2, 2006

20:13 GMT

“Our message as artist is to sing beauty, freedom and love” these were the words that Lebanese singer Elissa expressed her honor at winning an award for the second time at the World Music Awards 2006

18:25 GMT

Lebanese television announcer/actress Razan Moughri was seriously injured on the set of her upcoming film “Hukum Al Gharam” (the Verdict of Love)

06:23 GMT

Parliament's majority leader Saad Hariri said Friday that Premier Fuad Saniora's government would not relinquish power in the face of a massive sit-in

December 1, 2006

19:54 GMT

After a short absence from Lebanon during the war with Israel, Lebanese singer Assi Hilani has returned home to his town of Al Hilanieh through Syria to check on his family and his mother specifically

19:50 GMT

Lebanese singer Mariam Fares has revealed through the television show “Ma Hubi” (With My Love), which is considered to be the most popular show on Rotana, that she had received an indecent proposal fr

15:51 GMT

Hundreds of thousands of protesters from Hizbullah and its pro-Syrian opposition allies massed Friday in downtown Beirut seeking to force the resignat

November 30, 2006

19:58 GMT

A dark cloud hovers over the concert industry in Canada

11:25 GMT

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, terming Premier Fouad Saniora's government "failure," called for an open-ended protest Friday in downtown Be