August 22, 2007

11:47 GMT

Lebanese singer/actress Madeline Matar is preparing to hold a grand performance on August 25 of the current year in Paris

August 21, 2007

14:49 GMT

Islamists who have fought the Lebanese army at a Palestinian refugee camp since May 20 are seeking a truce to let their families and other civilians f

13:10 GMT

With no prior warning and after thousands of fans who gathered up in front of the open stage in city Banzirt, Tunisia, the manager of the Banzirt festival cancelled the concert for the famous Lebanese

12:29 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi denied circulating rumors that she is banned from performing in Morocco

August 20, 2007

12:31 GMT

After the fierce encounter in court between Lebanese singers Haifa Wahbi and Rula Sa’ed, fate had it that the two women meet again face to face at Beirut’s International Airport

11:39 GMT

Lebanon's Hizbullah has trained Shiite fighters from Iraq in advanced guerrilla warfare tactics

11:22 GMT

One of the highlights of this year’s performances at the ‘Jerash Music Festival’ in Jordan was by Najwa Karam in the South Theater in the ancient city of Jerash

August 19, 2007

19:53 GMT

Despite the cancellation of numerous concerts and festivals due to the unstable conditions in the region, many are still ongoing

14:12 GMT

Two Lebanese troops died during gunbattles with Muslim militants in a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon, a senior military official said Su

August 17, 2007

12:05 GMT

In the coming days the Jerash Festival will be concluding its final performances, which seems that the festival has improved at its final moments

August 16, 2007

12:59 GMT

The Human Rights Committee and its president Wasim Al Halabi held a special ceremony to celebrate the naming of Lebanese singer Dominique Al Horani as an ambassador for fighting drugs and helping drug

12:58 GMT

A very successful performance was held by Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoughbi and Majed Al Muhandis

August 15, 2007

12:14 GMT

Despite the vicious attack Lebanese singer Elissa received from the Tunisian media, who had accused her of being conceded and behaving as if she is above her Tunisian fans, the singer’s Tunisian tour

11:25 GMT

Israel must take seriously Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanon’s Hizbullah movement, a senior Israeli minister said on Wednesday.

August 14, 2007

13:49 GMT

Lebanese singer Pascal Mashalaani was glowing at both concerts, which she held in Algeria