October 7, 2006

18:57 GMT

Lebanon's Acting Interior Minister Ahmad Fatfat confirmed in a newspaper interview Saturday the presence of al Qaeda in Lebanon, disclosing that "we h

16:51 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi appeared as a guest on a program aired on the Lebanese satellite channel ‘New TV’ and refused to be intimidated by host Nishian, known for intimidating his guests by talkin

October 5, 2006

18:16 GMT

Earlier this month, Lebanon’s parliamentary majority leader Saad Hariri warned that Lebanon should not miss the “golden opportunity” to receive significant aid from Arab states and the international c

14:01 GMT

Britain's top police officer has ordered an urgent inquiry into a decision to excuse a Muslim officer from guard duty at the Israeli embassy during Is

05:55 GMT

Lebanese singer Maya Nasri revealed that she is consecutively a very selfish, yet altruistic person, during an interview aired on a local Egyptian television channel

October 4, 2006

05:29 GMT

When asked who is the person that causes your heart to start beating when you see him, Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi answered - Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Islamic group Hezbollah

October 3, 2006

21:04 GMT

Lebanese singer Juana Malah has returned to the scenes in style with her new album "Hatifdal Fi Albi" (You Will Remain in my Heart)

October 2, 2006

11:55 GMT

Lebanese Army commander Gen. Michel Suleiman urged his soldiers Monday to counter Israeli "aggressions and violations," as the military deployed along

October 1, 2006

06:38 GMT

Israel withdrew its last soldiers from Lebanon early Sunday, the Israeli army announced.

06:35 GMT

Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoughbi was held guest on the first episode of the popular Egyptian program “Al Bait Baitak” (The House is Your House) in its new Ramadan season and after Lebanese television

06:33 GMT

The entire team of the Arab television satellite channel MBC has relocated from Lebanon to Cairo, to air its programs from a secure location until the situation in Lebanon is stable and Israeli strike

06:22 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi recently appeared as a guest of honor at a ceremony held by the Cartier International Group in Abu Dhabi to launch their new line of jewelry called ‘La Dona Cartier’

September 30, 2006

11:53 GMT

U.N. peacekeepers have told the Lebanese government that Israel will complete its troop pullout from south Lebanon on Sunday, Lebanese officials said

September 29, 2006

16:43 GMT

Israel has backed off its plan to assassinate Hizbullah's chief because of the international condemnation that his killing would create, the Israeli d

September 28, 2006

17:56 GMT

U.N. and Israeli tanks were involved in a brief face-off Thursday on a road in southern Lebanon where the Israeli army has been establishing checkpoin