January 28, 2007

04:47 GMT

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has just completed filming the music video for the song "Hubi Al Awal Wal Akheer" (My First and Last Love) under the direction of Ramón Pate in Paris

January 26, 2007

12:57 GMT

Lebanese troops reinforced patrols and checkpoints Friday following a nighttime curfew imposed by authorities seeking to quell escalating clashes betw

January 25, 2007

15:10 GMT

Violence broke out between pro and anti-government students at Beirut Arab University's Commerce School Thursday. Eyewitnesses said at least 17 people

11:36 GMT

An international donors conference for Lebanon has opened in Paris with the United States, France and the European Union pledging close to US$2 billion dollars to support the government of Prime Minis

04:32 GMT

Producer Mohammad Al Sabki has signed a contract with Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi for a leading role in a new film he intends on producing

January 24, 2007

21:12 GMT

Hizbullah leader Hasan Nasrallah on Wednesday stated that "the Lebanese opposition is capable to overthrow the government tomorrow, but what prevented

14:41 GMT

The International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, organized a roundtable entitled “Reconstruction Microfinance in a Post-Crisis Environment” to share relevant inte

08:21 GMT

The general strike in Lebanon was called off late Tuesday night by the nation's Hizbullah-led opposition, easing tension and clashes which led to the

January 23, 2007

21:09 GMT

Lebanese singer Nourhanne held a special launching ceremony for her latest music video for the song "Tab Wana Mali" (What is it my Business), under the direction of Camille Tanyous from Lebanon, surro

18:23 GMT

Lebanon's Premier Fouad Saniora called for an urgent parliamentary session to discuss the deteriorating security situation after riots between anti an

15:02 GMT

Thousands of Lebanese protesters blocked main roads in Beirut and across the country on Tuesday at the start of a general strike called by the opposit

10:57 GMT

Eight flights were cancelled on Tuesday at Rafik Hariri International airport as roads were blocked by Hizbullah-led opposistion followers during street protests

January 22, 2007

14:46 GMT

Lebanese singer Elissa is preparing to film the music video for the song “Lao Ta’rafouh” (If You Knew Him) for a second time

13:41 GMT

Druze leader Walid Jumblat on Monday launched a verbal attack on the opposition, terming its leaders "kids" controlled by Syrian President Bashar Assa

January 20, 2007

07:28 GMT

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Friday his fighters foiled last summer Israel's attempt to "open the western gate" to the U.S. planned N