July 30, 2007

16:47 GMT

The United States is forging new military aid pacts with Gulf states, Israel and Egypt to counter "negative" influences by Al-Qaeda and Hizbullah, as

July 29, 2007

18:04 GMT

Lebanese sexy singer Haifa Wahbi is currently undergoing negotiations with the production company Goodnews

07:39 GMT

Hizbullah's chief said late Saturday that his movement's war last summer with Israel has left the U.S. vision of a "new Middle East" in shambles and c

July 28, 2007

19:06 GMT

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner warned Saturday of the danger of violence if the eight-month crisis between Lebanon's political parties is no

July 27, 2007

16:56 GMT

Two Lebanese troops died in overnight fighting with al-Qaeda-inspired militants barricaded in a Palestinian refugee camp in the country's north, a sen

11:54 GMT

Lebanese singer Elissa is scheduled to go on tour around the United States of America in September

11:53 GMT

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad sang for a large number of fans on the Morooj Stage at the Salalah Fall Festival of 2007

July 26, 2007

15:06 GMT

Lebanon's Prime Minister Fouad Saniora's government accused Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of inventing facts regarding last summer's war ag

July 25, 2007

11:46 GMT

Confident seemed Lebanese singer in her new video clip “Akhid Aqli” (You took my mind) riding a horse

11:08 GMT

Lebanese forces unleashed barrages of artillery and tank shells Wednesday at armed Islamists in a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon, witnes

July 24, 2007

13:09 GMT

Pepsi Company will produce a new film “Baher El Nojoom” (The Sea of Celebrities) featuring five famous Arab singers

July 23, 2007

21:34 GMT

Hizbullah fighters possess an arsenal of rockets that can reach "any point" in the state of Israel, including Tel Aviv, the movement's leader said Mon

20:34 GMT

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam’s new album is now in stores, although it does not include a song composed by Melhim Barakat

14:02 GMT

Three Lebanese troops died in sporadic fighting with al-Qaida-inspired militants barricaded in a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon, a senio

July 22, 2007

19:39 GMT

Lebanese singer. Julia Butros recently held conference to lay out the results of her humane project “Ahiba’i” (My Beloved ones) at the Lebanese communication union